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Singapore Sweep Prize – The Popular Sweep Lottery

Posted on : 17-03-2018 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


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There are now more chances to win a bigger Singapore Sweep Prize as the jackpot was increased by Singapore Pools a few years ago. All the players have to do is come up with the right combinations by matching numbers and doing some mathematics. Of course, hope that your luck hold on until the draw date.

Singapore Sweep Prize List
Players can always check out the Singapore Pools 4D Sweep website for relevant information about the betting game policies. Tickets are sold at SG$3 which includes the Goods and Services (GST) Tax. It is only the company that may officially authorize a change in price. Tickets are non-refundable. Tickets win if there is an exact match of any of these combinations:

Ticket’s seven digits match with a single or more of the seven-digit chosen numbers.
The ticket’s last two numerals equal one or more of the two-digit winning combinations.

To avoid reservations or suspicions, the digits will prevail in case of inconsistency between digits and words or short forms/acronyms of the words.

Singapore Sweep Prize Calculator
If you win, it is always possible to use the prize calculator. However, the bottom line still is to compare between the different past results and determine your chances of speculating on a likely winning combination. Understand the computations fully before you even make your calculations. Learn how to input preferred digits or patterns into the odds’ equation. Gauge your odds of coming up with the right choice. Once you win, it is possible to use the Singapore Sweep Prize Checker.

Winners are obliged to show their tickets that bear the winning digits with the draw date as well as draw number. All claimants must present their respective tickets together with proof of identification to the Singapore Pools office or authorized outlets. Tickets not claimed after six months are forfeited. The company will only give a refund (SG$3 per ticket) for a specific draw only if the ticket of draw numbers are not complete or impossible to read. It may also happen that the ticket does not have any printed draw number or details are not printed correctly.

Players are encouraged to review the Singapore Sweep Prize Calculator carefully. Everyone has the chance to win although it will only take place if you play the lottery smartly. Keep this in mind.

You have best chance to hit the elusive jackpot of Singapore Sweep Prize. In the domain of Singapore 4D lottery, quick thinkers use everything they have to figure out the providential number combination of the day. Start reading eBooks, blog posts, and any other published articles regarding guessing the 4D Sweep. Do not let your chance pass. You may be missing the opportunity to become a winner.

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