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Singapore Pools Prediksi Terbaik Number Today

Posted on : 19-07-2018 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


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Have you ever done betting with a Singapore Pools account? How many times have you got a winning streak? If you are somebody who loves to indulge in betting every now and then, here is a good news for you? You can ensure a win, every time you bet. Yes! You heard that right. I am talking about Singapore Pools prediksi terbaik Numbers – the best predictions you can have about a winning number. Now, you must be wondering how? Here are some tips to help you ensure your win next time:

Avoid Choosing Most Obvious Numbers That Are Likely To Be Chosen By Many

You should remember, there is only one jackpot prize. More people winning on a jackpot number means you will be sharing the prize money with others. Obviously, you do not want to do that. No one does. Most betting platforms offer lucky numbers for consecutive draws. Avoid picking the lucky numbers that make most reasonable assumptions.

Never Pick A Number That Won Before

If you analyze the history of winning numbers, you will know the numbers you should not pick next time. Better keep a record of recent past results and then analyze them to pick the next Singapore Pools prediksi terbaik for the winning number.

Try Always Choosing A Higher Number

People more often bet on special numbers such as birthdays which include numbers between 1 to 31. Choosing a number higher than that can ensure a better win for you next time. Also, do not forget to purchase your tickets nearer to the occasion or expected draw date.

Odd And Even Number Strategy

Avoid playing a number in sets of all odds or all even numbers. The likelihood of winning such numbers is quite low. A better strategy is to split the Singapore Pools prediksi terbaik numbers in a set of 2 odd and 4 even or 3 odd and 3 even. A balanced mix of odd and even number combinations are more likely to ensure a win.

Consecutive And Neighboring Number Selection

It is always a good idea to pick consecutive number selections. Consider selecting a higher or lower consecutive number. A higher percentage of winning selections have winning numbers drawn like this. However, avoid consecutive sets of beginning and ending numbers in a set. Moreover, you should keep a list of the previously drawn numbers. This will help you analyze the likelihood of neighboring numbers being drawn.

Track Repeating Numbers

Some numbers seem to repeat themselves frequently. Track such numbers and use them to make the next winning predictions. Also, keep a check on the daily winning number trends. You do not require to go through the numbers database to identify a winning number. All you need is to check the last 10 drawings. Consider numbers that have not been drawn for last few times.

In case you need more help on how to apply these tips, you can read our free eBook to learn about more winning tips, predictions, and winning strategies. Ensure a better win today with an assured prediction.

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