Singapore Pools Lottery Guide Part 2

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Singapore pools online betting

Singapore Pools Pvt. Ltd is a state-owned gambling company based in Singapore. It is the only company who is permitted to operate lotteries in the city of Singapore. The Singapore outlet was incorporated on 23rd May 1968 with an objective to suppress illegal gambling in the city of Singapore.

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• New format in Singapore sweep lottery
• Singapore pools app and Singapore pools odd
• 4D Singapore pools number checker?
• Placing Singapore pools online betting
• Placing 4d bets online
• Registration process at Singapore pools
• Singapore pools outlet betting—Gaming rules
• Asian handicap
• SG Football Singapore pools odds
• Entry in the 4d game

Serving the residents of Singapore

Singapore Pools Pvt. Ltd aimed at serving the residents of Singapore by setting up a unique platform to bet lotteries. The legal venue is focused towards combating the incessant betting syndicates. The participants can avail this amazing opportunity to claim Singapore prize.

The Singapore pools is currently owned and operated by the Singapore Totalisator Board under the guidance of Ministry of Finance. Singapore pool comprises of three lottery games namely Toto which functions from Monday to Thursday. 4D is a ‘pick-four lottery’ which is drawn at random during Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday. Singapore sweep/sweepstakes is the third type of lottery game where bets are placed and drawn on first week of Wednesday each month. Later, the participants can claim their Singapore prize.

Singapore pool is an authorized bookmaker and totalisator who is actively engaged in the motor racing betting.

New format in Singapore sweep lottery

Today tickets are printed on demand and the gambler can choose a number of their choice. The format of Singapore sweep is changing on a periodic basis. According to latest news and updates, pre-printed lottery tickets with thematic designs. However, betters will have a unique opportunity to purchase tickets and pick a favorite number of their choice.

Singapore pools app and Singapore pools odd

Singapore Pools Pvt. Ltd has recently introduced Singapore pool apps which feature identity verification that is compatible on various Android devices like 6.0.1 Marshmallow. In addition, it works well on apple devices IOS version 11. If you prefer to download the app, visit the official website of Singapore pools. Singapore pools odd are exclusively used for soccer betting. Betters can bet legally with Singapore pools app. The players can check out the latest lottery results and view the event details. They do have instant access to various types of bets available at the moment. Take for example; the Live Singapore Football is a contemporary football app that furnishes latest information of live football events. In addition, data analysis, statistics, standing tables and lineups can also be viewed.

4D Singapore pools number checker?

4D Singapore pools number checker is very helpful in determining a winning number. One of the advantages of using a 4d number checker is that it enables a punter to evaluate the past winning trends. It helps in tracing a number that is constantly repeating for a certain period of time. If you find a specific number has not yet appeared during the initial prize draw, then you do have the option to forecast a winning number combination based on the available information. The better option could be getting familiar with a missing number. This proves to be a step towards forecasting the winning streak.

The betters may visit the official website of Singapore tools to take advantage of the 4d number checker tool. The 4d number checker tool helps in tracking a number which had appeared in the previous draw. This tool can also be used to examine the statistics of past historical records, reviewing past winning trends. Get familiar with the insights to properly plan the winning strategy.

Placing Singapore pools online betting

First and foremost, the players are requested to open a fresh Singapore pools account in order to place Singapore pools online betting. They will be able to keep track of the bets and monitor activities through online. The players can get familiar with how to place sports bets via online, place 4d bets online and placing TOTO bets online.

The punters are not required to pay transaction fees in order to place bets online. On the other hand, a sum of 0.20 dollars is charged for each payment if you have a bank link. The transaction fees are automatically hand over to administrators and third-party service providers. Those who wish to avoid paying fees may select deposit methods that do not contain third party services. Purchase of top-up cards via online and phone. Purchase through cash deposits at any reliable Singapore pool outlets. The players have the option to place pre-match sports bets until close of sales or prior commencement of an event. One can even place bets during course of the event.

Placing 4d bets online

The players do have the option to place self pick bets for system entry, Ibet and 4d roll. The draws are scheduled on Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday. Ordinary, system entry and system roll are some of the TOTO bets that can be placed online. Quick pick bet can be placed through bet type and bet amount.

Registration process at Singapore pools

The discerning players may visit the official website of Singapore pools and select online verification via website and mobile app. Upon signing up at Singapore pools account via mobile app or through website, user’s identity can be verified. The process is done by uploading images of NRIC along with official documents bearing a valid FIN. Later, the players are prompted to attend a video call via account status page. However, you need to make sure that you have a strong and fast internet connection with sufficient lightings and peaceful atmosphere. Each call is saved for audit and training purpose. Security arrangements are made to safeguard the customer from loss of data and theft. Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Firewalls and encryption are some of the technical precautions. The customers will be assigned a queue number prior commencement of the online verification. It begins as soon as your number is called.

The concerned customer service representative of the company will be handling the verification via video call. This process is essential to match the National Registration Identity Card (NRIC). An official document including FIN is also used to verify the identity. During the final stages, the Singapore pools request the user’s identity to be verified via online or other branches.

Singapore pools outlet betting—Gaming rules

Singapore pools outlet betting rules is applicable for all the participants who place bets at outlet. They are requested to comply with the Game rules of sports betting. In order to purchase a ticket from the Singapore pools outlet, the participants are supposed to submit a bet slip to the concerned company. Furthermore, they should pay a requisite stake. Bet slips will not be accepted by the company and the players cannot claim any refunds. The tickets are automatically printed by the terminal on behalf of the participants. It includes essential details such as

  • The type of bet
  • The type of event
  • Scheduled date of the bet event
  • Selection process
  • Placement of bets based on odds
  • Stakes
  • ID of the specific outlet where bets have been placed
  • Bar code and Identification number


Those who are scouting for a reliable Singapore outlet may visit the official website of Singapore pools. It is the ultimate responsibility of the participant to keep track of the bet slip at the time of placing bets. The company has the sole right to prevent cancellation of bets as soon as it is placed or accepted by them. The company is not liable for any flaws or discrepancy in the ticket. As per the rules and regulation, company request the claimant to present his ID and supporting documents which is acceptable to the company.

The players does have the option to place pre-match sports bets at the Singapore pool outlets. A live betting is also organized at the Livewire and Sportbuzz platforms as well. Furthermore, the participants can place both 4d and TOTO bets at the outlet. Self pick and quick pick bets can be placed during the course of four consecutive draws. However, it is not possible to track the bets which are placed at the outlets. In order to monitor the status of bets placed at the outlets, the participants are requested to register a Singapore pools account either through phone or online.

Asian handicap

Asian handicap refers to a type of bet in which the teams are allotted a negative/positive handicap. It can be accessed only by customers who hold a Singapore pools account. Push is purely relied on either half or full stakes. The details are clearly mentioned in the book How to play: Asian handicap and Asian handicap calculator. Both handicap lines and odds might fluctuate at the time of placing bets. The Asian handicap is provided on certain matches. Each winnings is determined by taking advantage of an Asian handicap calculator.

If you are opting to claim the refund, ensure that it do not exceed the threshold. In such cases, Singapore pools request the concerned claimant to put forward the winning ticket during standard business hours. The players are not entitled to fetch the prize unless a ticket is presented. The payment of prize for various bet events is decided by the company on a periodic basis.

SG Football Singapore pools odds

SG football is a brand new app that offers latest news and updates of soccer odds via Singapore pools. They present before you the various types of bets such as 1X22, ½ Goal 3, Total goals4) HT/FT5) Pick the Score6, First scorer/last scorer7) and last but not the least Championship Winner8. It is one of the best ways to ensure a hassle free betting at the Singapore pools.

Those players who prefer to pay sports bet via bank link, the inputted stakes are automatically transferred from their bank account. If in case bets are rejected which is deducted from the original stake, the difference is credited to their registered Singapore pools account at the earliest.

System bets

System bets is designed out of multiple combinations along with single bets. Once you have included three to eight picks in the bet slip, you can automatically place a system bet. The participants are requested to click the ‘Systems tab’ which is found at the top of the bet slip. The estimated system bets is purely base on the overall number of the predicted profit.

4-Digital game:-

In a 4d game, the participants are required to purchase a 4digit number ranging from 0000 to 9999. The company draws a number at random and if he/she wins the matching numbers, they shall be automatically qualified to claim the prize. 4d gaming is a type of game where a wager is placed by the participant on a certain 4-digit number. It is done to match exactly against the winning numbers that is drawn at random by the company.

4-D roll entry 

4-D roll entry refers to an entry in a 4-d game through purchasing ten most probable permutations of a 4-digit number. It is represented by “ABCD”, “CBDA”, “DCBA”and “BADC”. Out of which “A”, “B” and “C” denotes a number ranging from zero (0) to nine (9). Likewise “R” represents ten most possible numbers starting from zero (0) to nine (9).


The term account refers to a fresh account opened by a participant in order to actively take part in the 4-d game. It is essential to place bets through an Account betting system. ‘Account betting system’ refers to the process in which electronic communication is used by the company to activate the 4d game. An account holder refers to those players who are verified and qualified to take part in the 4-d game through account betting system.

Authorized retailer

An authorized retailer denotes a retailer who is duly authorized to assist the company in managing the activities of a company. In other words, the concerned staff of a company is empowered to sell the entries in 4-d games and similar games.


Bet refers to a wager designed by the concerned participant through an account betting system. The term ‘Bet slip’ is another form of ticket issued by a company at Singapore pools outlet. In some cases bet slips are supplied through account betting system.

Ibet entry

Ibet entry refers to an entry in the 4d game where purchases of possible permutations of specific 4-digit number say ‘0000’ to ‘9999’ is made. Each prizes are distributed based on the rules mentioned in 6.1(c), 6.2(c) and 6.2 (d).

Ordinary entry

An ordinary entry represents participation in a 4d game through purchasing a 4-digit number ranging from ‘0000’ to ‘9999’.


Participant represent a player who takes part in the 4d game adhere to the gaming rules. It also contains the account holder.


Prize is the total amount payable to the participant in accordance to the winning ticket mentioned in rule 6.

Relevant draw

Relevant draw means the type of draw opted by the participant in order to participate in the 4d game.

Remote betting

Remote betting is a process through which the bets are placed via account betting system.


Stakes refers to the total amount provided by the player for a wager in the form of cash.


Terminal is actually a machine where the tickets are issued by the company. It is owned and operated by an authorized dealer to validate the tickets in a 4d game.

Transaction history

Transaction history describes in detail transactions of an account holder for the past six months. A copy of it is saved at the main server of the company.

Winning ticket

A winning ticket refers to tickets that contain the winning numbers at the time of prize draw.

Entry in the 4d game

In order to take part in the 4d game, the participants are requested to place their bets via account betting system. The second option could be purchasing ticket directly from the Singapore pools outlet. Placing bets and purchase of tickets are clearly mentioned in the 4d game rules. Each draw is scheduled on a specific date at a desired location which is known by the name ‘Remote betting’. The decisions made by the company may vary from time to time.

Each draw contains a draw number which is shared with a participant. The concerned company draws a number at random on their own or along with esteemed organization.

Singapore pools online betting is the ultimate platform where punter can fetch a considerable amount of money. They can place their bets online by adding a bank account. If in case of rejection, the difference is credited back to their account.

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