Singapore Pools 4D Draw (A Brief Illustration)

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4-Digits or better known as 4-D is a lottery system in Singapore. Random numbers are chosen by players from 0000 to 9999 and bets are placed. Then 23 winning numbers are selected by luck of the draw each time. If the number that a player has bought matches with one of the drawn numbers, player wins a prize.

The Singapore gambling industry is solely dominated by Singapore Pools. The 4-D draws are conducted every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at the Singapore Pools main branch office.

Rules of the Game

Players pick a random four digit number between 0000 and 9999 to place a minimum bet of $1 or more. Then a set of 23 winning numbers are drawn and prizes are announced depending upon the prize category player’s number falls in, which happens on every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Two kinds of bets are placed; big or small. If the bet placed is Big, a prize is won if your 4-D number appears in any prize category. However for Small bets a prize is won only if the 4-D number appears in top three prize categories but in an event if your number does matches the top three prize category numbers, then your prize money gets multiplied.

Singapore 4-D draws days allow all players to win something, big or small. Besides matching the winning number the sequence of numbers also matters. For instance your 4-D number is 6789 and the winning numbers are 9876, no prize is won as the sequence did not match. What a bad luck, but do not worry there is an iBet option for such conditions.

Selecting the iBet option increases the odds of winning as you will win a small prize if your numbers match but the sequence doesn’t. But selecting this option lowers the prize money in case you happen to match the exact sequence of the prize number.

How to Place Bet

Lottery bets can be placed online or over the phone and even at outlets. The sales for each Singapore 4D draw closes at 6pm on draw day. Phone booking timings are 6am-6:30pm whereas online bets can be placed anytime, except for 6pm-10pm on draw days and booking timing for outlets vary with location.

No transaction fee is levied for bet placements, however a small fee of $0.20 is charged for payment through bank links. To avoid this fee make payments through Top-Up card that can be purchased from outlets or make cash payments Singapore Pool branches.

The Process

The Singapore 4-D Draw Live process involves five draw officials and an external auditor. A specially designed computer is run to randomly select the draw machine and a set of draw balls are selected. These balls are numbered from 0-9 and are weighed to ensure that each ball has almost same probability to be drawn.

The machine selected by the computer is secured with a numbered lock and kept in the storage room until transferred to the draw hall. The balls are then loaded into the machine right in front of the audiences. An audience member is invited to turn the start switch and make the Singapore 4D draw Live.

The balls spins and are then sucked up in four transparent cylinders thus forming one set of winning number. The process begins with consolation prizes and is repeated till all 23 set of winning numbers are drawn.

Placing the Bets

Follow these steps on the ticket to place your bet for Singapore 4D draw:

  • Mark your Bet Type.

Use separate bet slip for a different bet type. Do not mark anything if you are selecting Ordinary Entry or 4D Roll. Mark the draw days you are placing your bets for accordingly. For six consecutive draws, mark ‘6 DRAWS’ if you want to place bets including the current draw.  Select 4D Roll to place bets for one current draw.

  • Mark the digitsyou wish to place bet on and your Big and/or Small bet amounts.
    • Mark four digits for Ordinary Entry.
    • Mark three digits in addition to ‘R’ for 4D Roll.
    • Mark four digits for System Entry.
    • For iBet, mark four digits.
    • Each bet slip will allow you to mark up to four sets of numbers – all of the same bet type.
  1. In the event that you wish to put down a Singapore Sweep wager finishing with a similar last four digits, mark ‘SG SWEEP‘. Just for 4D Ordinary wagers.
  2. To cancel the set, mark ‘VOID’. Use a different set to place your bets.

You get a ticket after placing your Singapore 4d draw results bet at the outlet. Make sure that the ticket reflects your bet numbers accurately. Only valid tickets are accepted as proof of winning so keep your ticket safely. So go get winning!

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