Singapore lottery how to play

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Lottery game 4-D is famous in many countries. Many individuals play the 4-D lottery game by betting small and winning big.  With a minimum bet of one dollar, anyone with luck can win up to 3,000 as the First Prize. Millions try their luck in a 4-D lottery game in Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, and other countries. Continue reading to know Singapore lottery how to play.

Singapore 4- D lottery

In Singapore, the 4-D lottery started in May 1966. For a minimum bet of one Singapore dollar, the first Prize offered was S$2000.  the 4-D lottery game in Singapore was computerized. There was tremendous participation in this computerized version.  Many people who play Singapore lottery are winning a lot of Singapore dollars.

Singapore Lottery draw dates

In Singapore, the 4-D lottery draws are conducted on three days every week all through the year. The three days are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.  The timing on these three days is at 18:30 SG/HK time.

Singapore lottery how to play

Any individual can perform the 4-D game in Singapore. The steps to perform the 4-D lottery game include

  •         Place a  minimum bet amount of  S$1 or multiples thereof
  •         Choose any four-digit number from 0000 to 9999
  •         You can bet on any five prize categories
  •         If the chosen number is anyone of the 23 winning numbers of each draw you win prizes

4 D lottery game rules

Placing bets in Outlet and Remote betting

The 4-D lottery is played in outlets and known as outlet betting. For placing a bet in the outlet betting, the participants should buy the tickets, which is a minimum of S$ 1 and multiples thereof for any four-digit number.  The participants can place the bet amounts through the account betting of the lottery company they chose to try their luck in 4-d lottery game.

Prizes for the two games in outlet betting

There is two 4-D game structure for the outlet betting, namely big and small.  The rewards for the big outlet betting 4-D game have five prizes.  The maximum prizes for a bet of S$1 for the five prizes include:

Prizes for the outlet betting game – Big

  • 1st Prize is only one for each of the 23 draws with all the four selected numbers being the same is S$ 2000
  • 2nd Prize is also only one number with Prize of S$ 1000
  • 3rd Prize is also only one number with Prize of S$490
  • 4th Starter prizes are for ten numbers with Prize of S$250
  • 5th Consolation prizes are for ten numbers again with S$ 60

Prizes for the outlet betting game – Small

Here only three prizes and also one for each prize

  • 1st Prize is S$3000
  • 2ndPrize is S$ 2000
  • 3rd Prize is S$ 800

There are many variations as per the company of 4-D lottery. It is always better to play responsibly with minimum bets and to make maximum wins.  Singapore lottery how to play with caution and responsibility is the key for such maximum wins.

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