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Gambling is very common in Singapore as an entertaining activity. Amazingly, 40% of the gambling money is donated to many charities. By the latest survey from the National Council on Problem Gambling, many Singaporeans are trying their luck at games such as Toto.

What is Toto?

Every Monday and Thursday there is a legal betting session in Singapore. It is the second most popular type of gambling activity in Singapore. Toto tickets can be purchased from gambling outlets.

Recently new features are introduced which allow you to scan Toto ticket, to confirm your prize money.

Follow these simple steps to scan Toto ticket

  • Open your lottery mobile application
  • At the top right you will see a red button, click on the red button
  • Select ‘’check lottery result’’ option
  • For a clear picture, place your ticket vertically
  • Crop unwanted information to adjust the ticket in the frame
  • Try to show numbers and bet type for positive results
  • Check your lottery result after verification
  • Your winning price will be calculated quickly

There could be error while following the above steps. Therefore, you need to remember these points before you scan Toto ticket.

Points to remember:

  • While scanning your lottery ticket, keep it vertically
  • Make sure lottery ticket fit in the frame
  • Do not scan multiple tickets at one time
  • Lottery number and other information is covered
  • Cropping useful information
  • Not cropping unwanted information
  • Remove access background image

Is the Singapore Toto game genuine?

Yes! Singapore Toto games are genuine, and you can play it on both online and offline platforms. At present time, Singapore Pools operates three lotteries

Toto is a very famous legal form of lottery in Singapore. Most of the funds generated from this gambling platform are donated to many charitable and social causes.

Singapore Toto online offers the same gameplay. When you buy a Toto ticket from an online platform you must scan Toto ticket to proceed further with the game.

How to play the Singapore Toto offline?

Singapore Toto drawing takes place every Monday and Thursday. You must choose six numbers from a pool of 49 to have a chance to win the jackpot.

Per ticket, the cost is 1 dollar however if you choose a system to play then you must pay a bigger amount. The most expensive system is System of 12 and its cost is 924 Singaporean dollars.

How to play the Singaporean Toto online?

The process is the same however to buy Singaporean Toto online, you must be the resident of Singapore. You do not have the right to use or buy this ticket from any other country.

Benefits of playing Singapore Toto

  • Toto is organized by an official organization that falls under the parameter of the local government
  • It is totally legal
  • No income tax on lottery prizes
  • Ticket prices are pocket-friendly
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