S pools toto: an amazing game to play and win the prize

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S pools toto has recently changed the structure of the local lottery system and known with a name called Toto. Now we come to a point on how it can bring changes and affect the possibility of winning. Moreover, the most important thing, should you bet even after the changes in the game?

There are a few changes have been made in S pools toto bets:


  1. You need to choose a perfect combo of 6 winning numbers from 49 numbers, up from the previous 45 numbers
  2. A change in the prize pool has been made and it has risen to S$1 million per draw that is up from the last minimum of S$500, 000
  3. Alongside, the price on every betting type has turned double with the least bet of S$1
  4. There has been a new winning combo of 3 numbers and here you get a winning prize of S$10.

Do the changes and these changes sound more interesting when you try to bet on Toto. It seems a good way for Singapore pools if you wish to double the amount of each betting type and you can raise the numbers by 4. This way now, they have increased the prize to a profitable amount of S$1 million. Alongside this, there is another prize section of S$10 for the winning combination of 3 numbers.

Now you can add in some simple probability and statistical numbers to see how a new Toto system has an impact on the possibility of winning the game in comparison to the earlier system.

Points to consider for S pools toto:

  • Old system winnings are fixed to the least cost of S$500,000
  • New system winnings are fixed to the least cost of S$1 million
  • Only 1 punter will win the complete prize pool of his/her category (on matching winning numbers)

Note: a count of predictable winnings should not be mixed up with the predictable winnings. Here, we are mentioning two different things.

Even after the lowest winning a payment of S$500,000 delivered by the old system, a total of estimated winning from Toto used to 246x which is higher in comparison to a new system. Why there are punters paid two times for a system that is paying them a bit lesser? Additionally, you need to share your winnings when there are more winners from a category.

Everyone expects to be an S pools toto winner

You win S pools toto and when you look at your account, you find that you are fooled and many times by overnight, it can be a life-changing experience. A stroke of lady luck makes it completely possible to win the unbelievable amount like S$8 million on an S$1 ticket – only improves to a lottery’s mysterious allure.

No doubt, that Singaporeans invest an amount of S$8 billion a year on such a game offered by them. It stands among the top most contribution close to S$8 billion. Everyone looks for the striking lottery and expect that their life can get better.

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