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Malaysia’s Lottery – Magnum 4D Draw Program

Posted on : 26-02-2018 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


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The Magnum 4D draw is not only a lottery but commitment to the communities that it serves as well. Since Magnum was established in 1968 or 50 years to date, the company has supported the communities it served empowering the residents through charitable programs under the Magnum Cares program. This institution also advocates employee involvement through the My Magnum platform. Magnum Corporation was licensed to operate 4D games like the 4d Jackpot, Jackpot Gold, as well as 4D Powerball.

Draw Schedules

Some of the Magnum 4D draw days takes place daily while the other scheduled on Wednesdays and weekends just like the Singapore 4D draws. Special games are held on Tuesdays occasionally. This is the traditional 4D game where bettors pick four-digit numbers and select the exact amount they want to wager. The Small Bet guarantees higher winnings. However, the bettor gets the prize only if his combination turns up at the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd places.

The Magnum 4D prize money is lower for the Big Bet. However, there are 10 additional special numbers that pay RM180 (Malaysian Ringgit) for an RM1 wager as well as 10 consolation numbers paying RM60 for every RM1 bet. The first to third prizes remain. The Malaysian Government gave Magnum the legal authority and license as operator of 4D lottery.

Pari Mutuel Gaming

Magnum launched another game in September of 2009. It is an extension of the classic draw but with an element of Pari Mutuel (French) betting. This is a system where all bets in one category are combined in a pool. The “house take” and taxes are taken out. Payoff odds are determined by sharing this pot among the winning bets. Magnum 4D results for the three games are published in the Magnum website, http://www.magnum4d.my/en/results. Players can download a mobile application from Google Play or App Store to bet and win. Or, find the nearest magnum outlet in your locality.

4D Jackpot

For the 4D Jackpot draw, players must choose two four-digit numbers between 0000 and 9999. One pair could be 1118 or 2233. Each pair is regarded as one normal buy. Bettors can place a single normal buy with minimum of two ringgit. The gamer wins when one of two of the 4D numbers will match just one or more of the 23 drawn numbers. The winner earns the Magnum 4D jackpot prize.

There is a rule for sharing the Jackpot 1. This happens if more than one player emerges as winner. The kitty is divided among the winners. It is based on amounts of the individual winning stakes. Each unit of the wager is allowed one share of the pot. For Jackpot 2, the top prize is divided among winners depending on the wining bet amounts and the number of prizes in this category.

Full Amount for Winners

Magnum guarantees winners the full Magnum 4D prize amount for winners of any 4D games. It does not impose hidden fees, taxes, and service charges. It is more popular compared to other Malaysian lottery games.

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