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It is now easy to see your ticket number in Sabah STC 4d result

Posted on : 17-01-2021 | By : ground hope | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


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Sandakan 4D or STC 4D is the only lottery entry in the portfolio of Sandakan Turf Club. Everise Ventures Sdn Bhd is a company that created STC to execute lottery games in the Sabah region. As the name specifies, STC is a 4D game, and it is popular in Malaysia for innumerable reasons. STC 4D game is flexible to play, which makes it a better option for the players.

The player has the liberty to determine the money they are ready to wager based on a numerical combo. This method certainly impacts the prize money, but it can be termed as a safe bet. The Sabah STC 4d results will be announced after every draw, and basically, there are three draws every week. Here is everything you should know about the Sabah STC 4d game before you start playing.

The rule of STC 4d game

You have to select a four-digit or 4D number from 0000 to 9999, and the least betting amount is RM1. You can choose the kind of bet as there are different types of bets similar to 4d games. In the 4D game, you will have a big bet and a small bet, whereas STC 4D has a big forecast and a small forecast. You can win only a smaller amount by choosing Big forecast along with extra prize tiers. In small forecasts, you can avail big prizes, but the prize tiers are limited. As per the Sabah STC 4d result, players have utilized STC-E Box bet, which increases the chances of winning the huge amount of money. This box bet comprises permutations, and you will have the opportunity to select any number ranging from four to twenty-four per submission. Though the chance of winning is more, the payouts are smaller than the actual amount. The last two methods you can execute are roll front or roll back bets and easy pick bets.

Roll bets let you roll either the first or the last digit of your bet. By enabling this option, an integer either in the first or last to complete your ticket number. It will look like R421, and the letter R will be replaced from any number between 0 – 9. The probability of winning increases by choosing this method. In the Sabah STC 4d result, you could see any number picked by the Roll bet, and the liberty to roll the first or last digit is given.

Easy Pick is chosen by many players who neither have a favorite number nor are interested in selecting the number by executing the strategies.

Price listing

  • The first prize winner who chooses the big forecast will get RM2,500, and the small forecast earns RM3,500
  • The second prize winner who chooses the big forecast will get RM1,000, and the small forecast earns RM2,000
  • The third prize winner who chooses the big forecast will get RM5,00, and the small forecast earns RM1,000

There is a special prize for RM180 and the consolation prize of RM60. Players who choose Big forecast can win the special and consolation prize.

If your number appears in the draw, check the Sabah STC 4d result to easily confirm the victory and acquire the money.


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