Indotogel sgp (Basic Tips)

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Togel is an old traditional lottery that is now legalized in Indonesia, which has become available also in its neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore.  In Singapore, it is simply known as Togel, which can be played online and involves lesser number combinations.  Because of this, the chances of winning in Togel is higher and easier which made it popular gambling game whether as hobby or even a supplemental source of income for punters.  Winning in Indotogel sgp involves both luck and a little bit of common sense.  And here are some practical tips that you must follow to improve your chances of winning.

Avoid using the latest winning number combination

In playing Indotogel sgp, you need to try on new lottery number combination that is different from the previous winning number. A winning number combination hardly wins twice consecutively.  Thus, you should choose a number combination that is different from the previously winning number.  And it goes without saying that you should know the last winning number combination before making a bet or formulating your new number combination to prevent replicating the latest winning number.

Use numbers of Togel with a prediction

Indotogel sgp is not your typical lottery game where winning numbers are randomly selected.   You can utilize all possible sources for predicting numbers including statistical analysis of numerical tables, using different lottery formulas, or even your horoscope luck.  Because of this, there are plenty of sources for Indotogel sgp prediction and most of the time, the predictions tend to correspond with them in one way or another.  As such, you can opt to choose a winning number combination using your these different number prediction sources.

Use Frequency of exit numbers

One of the best and simplest ways to make a winning number prediction is based on the frequency of the exit numbers. However, understanding the frequency and schedule of how numbers are drawing in Indotogel sgp is the tricky part.  Hence, one basic tip in choosing your number combination is to use the most frequent numbers that win or appears in the winning combination.  And combining these frequently appearing digits with other numbers would depend on your other predictive factors.

Group number combinations between high and low

One common approach to playing the Indotogel sgp is using the high to low group trick.  The idea is to divide the number field into two which corresponds to high and low.  For instance, in a number field between 0 to 99, 0-50 will be the low group and 51 – 99 will be the high group.  Look at the history of the winning combination and figure out frequency and schedule of when a high and low group of numbers appear in the winning combination.  And based on this analysis, you can now choose your number combination depending on the number of high or low group numbers.

Use relation of winning numbers to establish trend

Another way to choose number combination for the Indotogel sgp is by looking at the relationship between the historical winning number combinations and trying to establish a trend. For instance, say all winning number combinations in the last five months result to a sum that totals between 486 and 928.  Then your number combination selection should also add up to a sum within that number range.  This trick will increase your chances of predicting the next winning combination.

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