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How to Start Winning at Blackjack

Posted on : 11-07-2021 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


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Any true blackjack enthusiast will tell you that the house has beaten the odds before the hand actually stops. No players can actually beat any casino at blackjack over the long term. The player is not going to win every hand they play. We know this because we have watched every hand at Casino for years. We know that over time the house edge will eventually shift to the player’s favour.

Horse Racing

Yet, we continue to see people lose money and effort investing in trying to beat the odds. We know that consistently, the books will be paying researchers to look at how the outcome of a race will be, but we also know that the horses and runners will be brought into that race carelessly. Some will be injured, and all of them will come to the track under various conditions. It could be estimated how much effort it will take to ascertain what conditions are best to bet on based on knowing the trainers’ records.

Hit the Jackpot

Many people rely on various sure-fire methods of determining the outcome of a specific game. Some of them play their hunch. It is generally not possible to determine the outcome of any given casino session.

Leave or Quit

The casinos are in business to make money, not lose money. More importantly, I agree that the player is in the position to either quit or remain at the table. The Roulette Wheel is not a person, and certainly, the Roulette Wheel is not cash. Each is audit money, and any table game associated with betting can be considered a zero-risk game if the player follows the rules. Leave or quit once you have reached your limit.


For the length of this article, I have maintained that the Roulette Wheel is not beatable. My opinion is not factually based. Roulette is a game of chance and luck. It is impossible to predict the pocket the ball will land in or which numbers might appear. The best that can be said about the odds is that they are approximately equal.

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