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How to Play Toto SG: Lottery Strategy for Increased Winning Chances

Posted on : 02-05-2021 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


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You know the Toto SG game – it’s a Singaporean lottery that you can play to try to win some money.

But have you ever wondered how your odds of winning compare with other people who are playing Toto? You might be surprised to find out that there is actually quite a high chance for you to win! In this article, we’re going to talk about how the Toto lottery works and what strategies will help increase your chances of winning.

What is Toto SG and how does it work

The Toto Singapore lottery is a game for which you can win money. The first step would be to pick at least six numbers between one and 49 with a minmum bet of SGD $1.

Monday and thursday is the date of the draw with the bet time closing at 6pm. ToTo result will be released at singapore time 7pm.

How to play ToTo SG winning numbers

There are a total of 7 numbers in toto. If you hit 3 numbers, you will win a prize at the very least.

What is ToTo SG additional number?

The six (6) numbers and the 1 extra number will be drawn from all of the other possible numbers, these are your winning choices. The 1 extra number is known as the additional number.

Strategies for playing Toto

One strategy is to play in groups, such as with friends or family members and each person picks different sets of numbers so that if someone wins in one group, it increases the possibility for others to win too! Another way is trying consecutively playing through as many times as possible without stopping until you manage to hit three out of seven required lottery digits on any given day.

What are the different prize group?

There are different prize groups categories with varying prize amount.

Percentage of Prize Pools prize group

Group 1 win 38%

Group 2 win 8%

Group 3 win 5.5%

Group 4 win 3%

Group 5 win $50,. Group 6 win $25, Group 7 win $10

In Summary, there are many ways to play Toto. The strategies for playing the lottery vary depending on a person’s budget, time and skill level.


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