How to Play and Win the Singapore Sweep Prize

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Refer to the Singapore Sweep Prize Checker

Many Sweep enthusiasts covet the Singapore Sweep prize. If you want to be one of the lucky winners, find time to learn the mechanics and become an expert. To start with, purchase a ticket at SG$3 each. Some 3.5 million tickets are sold by Singapore Pools on a daily basis. Draws are held at 6 pm every first Wednesday of the month.

Singapore Sweep Prize List

You grab a minimum prize of SG$1,000 if the number combination matches any of 133 (seven-digit patterns) selected for that draw. You can even become a millionaire since prizes reach a maximum of SG$2.3 million. You get SG$6 in case the last two digits drawn correspond to any of the nine 2-digit combinations. Or, match up the front four numerals with any of the four digits picked and get a prize under that category. This 4-digit permutation is eligible for more than one purse if that same ticket corresponds to another set of front digit winning combination.

You can also match the jackpot and the seven-digit numbers of the first, second, or third prizes. The bonanza will be shared evenly if there are several winners. Buy tickets only from legitimate Singapore Sweep outlets and retailers all over the country. Singapore Sweep tickets are printed with Scratch-Areas. You can scrape in checking the prize structure on the ticket’s opposite side. You win a brand new automobile if a car’s image is revealed.

Singapore Sweep Prize Checker

Get lucky and be a winner. Check the Sweep prize checker. In other lottery games, many friends and family members join together for collective luck. Forming a pool allows Sweep fans to have more chances of winning. However, choose honest people as your partners. Stay away from persons who think negatively because they may only reduce your enthusiasm. Make sure to cash in on your positive vibes as well as knowledge of tips and forecasts.

By monitoring local news reports about the lottery in this country, you will find out that Singaporeans are 4D, Toto, and Sweep enthusiasts and spent approximately SG$ 6 billion for these lotto games in 2017. Singapore overtook Italy as the nation with the highest aggregate amount allotted for lottery tickets. For Singapore Sweep, the odds have increased from one out of three million.

Singapore Sweep prize calculator

Check the prize calculator using mobile app which is perhaps the most basic but comprehensive and sophisticated method of verifying the Singapore Pools Sweep results. You have to be meticulous in confirming the winning combinations. Likewise, there is nothing wrong to follow pointers from experts, analysis, and other projections from reliable materials such as blog posts, online articles, and eBooks.

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