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How to do Singapore Pools account Top Up?

Posted on : 30-05-2018 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


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How to do Singapore Pools account Top Up

People of Singapore are really fascinated by playing lotteries and winning a significant sum. Singapore Pools is the one and only state owned company licensed to run the lottery, sports betting and remote gambling activities in Singapore. Playing lotteries and winning a significant sum really fascinates the people of Singapore as it has lots of benefits to offer. Singapore Pools has to offer lots of benefits to the people as you can start betting with really low amount and get a chance to earn a good winning as the rewards are significantly high. If you already have a Singapore Pools registered account, then you can start placing bets via phone, online and at outlets. In case if you don’t have enough balance, you can your Singapore pools account top up at any Singapore pools outlet 4d.

How to deposit funds in your account?

Basically there are five ways to deposit money into your Singapore pools account:

  • You can deposit money into your Singapore pools account via eNETS
  • You can add funds online using a top up card which you can purchase from Singapore Pools outlets 4D.
  • You can also deposit funds into your account by calling their hotline number and giving them details about the top up card purchased from any authorized outlets.
  • You can also deposit cash at any of the Singapore Pools branches
  • You can also deposit funds by bank link (linking your bank account with your Singapore Pools account)

Is there any kind of fee involved while depositing funds?

Fees are involved only where there is a third party involved. A flat fee of $0.80 is involved for each deposit while transferring money online via eNETS whereas a fee of $0.20 is involved per transaction via bank link. If you are depositing funds via NETS at the Singapore Pools Outlets 4D branches then also you are entitled to pay a fee of $0.20.

If you are depositing money via top up cards then you are not entitled to pay any transaction fees as there is no involvement of third party services. So you can easily top up your account via online, phone or via cash deposits at Singapore Pools branches without paying any service fees.

You can buy your top up card from any of the Singapore Pool branches or via authorized retailers. The top up cards are available in the denomination of $50, $100 and $200.

Many people have various questions regarding Singapore Pools account top ups and some of them are outlined below.

Troubles with validating the top up card: If you are facing any problems validating your top up card then check whether you have entered the card number and the security code correctly. Also check whether your top up card has not expired or it’s not been used. If you are still facing same problems then you can contact their customer support team and they will be happy to help you.

Damaged top up card: If your top up card is damaged, then you can return the damaged top up card and they will deposit the funds into your account. In this case you will have to download a Top-Up card refund request form from the website, fill it and mail it to their postal address along with the damaged top up card.

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