How 4D ibet calculation helps win big money in lotteries

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You can’t win the lottery if you do not play,  could be a wise saying.  But playing it safe to not end up in sorrow is also a wise decision anyone should take. Ibet is one such type of safe betting wherein the loss is minimal with fewer amount of bet and also are the risk and prizes. Hence ibet could be a sure bet for playing the lottery game safe and with decent prizes amounts. To know about 4D ibet calculation, continue reading to make safe bets and live a decent life.

4 D lottery in Singapore and Malaysia is a popular money winning game played for decades. Started by a schoolboy in 1951, millions play it across the world. Even with a minimum bet of S$1, anyone can make thousands of Singapore dollars. And out of the many types of 4 D lottery, ibet is the safest and lowest bet amount played lottery game in Singapore and Malaysia.  4D ibet Calculation will give anyone the confidence to play the lottery game to make modest amounts from its prizes without betting a huge amount of money.

Comparison between ibet and System entry bet

A simple comparison between ibet and system entry bet below will illustrate how safe it is ibet for people to win prizes. For betting in system entry bet type of 24 combinations of four numbers like 1234, it costs S$24.  But for the same, it only costs S$1 in ibet. It is because, for each combination in system type, it costs S$ 1. But in ibet it is only S$1 for all the combinations.  But the 1st prize money in the big game for the system is S$ 2000, but for ibet it is only S$83.  But many experts feel that ibet is the best place to bet safe and is also inexpensive.

4D ibet Calculation

Now to the important part of 4 D ibet calculation.   With inexpensive, safe bets in 4D ibet calculation is also simple. By only entering the following details in the calculator given below, the prize money for the inexpensive ibet can be easily calculated.

  • Select the draw date and time
  • Select the bet type
  • Enter the numbers
  • Enter the bet amount in the two options big or small
  • And finally, press the submit button.

Instantly you can know how much you can win for the inexpensive bets you have placed for the particular draw, type, and bet amount.

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