Grand Dragon Lottery: Change Your Fortune

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Grand dragon lotto is a kind of lottery in Malaysia which is a popular game. It is also called as GD Lotto. It is committed to live 4 digit numbers. Each and every activity that is pertaining to this lottery is getting live directly from the lottery machines as the lottery system want to make sure that the entire process of lottery remains transparent. They wish that every player gets an equal chance of participating in this lottery game. This lottery game has been working for a very long time and has given a modern touch to lottery space as it is assisting in meeting the demands of the number of players that are kept increasing in the last few years.

GD Lotto is like the main pillar that is contributing to changing the lives of people and giving those fortunes overnight. It is giving an equal chance to every player to make their dreams come true. This game is quite transparent, fun and exciting. This holds the value of honesty and integrity. It also claims to pay attention to the player’s welfare.

It was originated in the 1850s in 1951 and it was the first one in 4 D lottery games. The popularity of this lottery game has marked its presence in Singapore and Malaysia. Its widespread popularity has made Grand dragon lotto a prominent lottery destination in Asia.

Outlines of Grand dragon lotto

To play this game, players will choose one of the numbers from 13 winning positions and it starts from A to M. They are five betting choices. These are mentioned below:

  • 3D A: I 4D prize number need to match with winning number’s three last digits.

  • 3D ABC Package: In this, I, II and III 4D prize number need to match with the winning number’s last three digits.

  • 4D A: All of the four digits must match with I prize. It is also known as 4D Single-A package.

  • 4D Small: It is for those who are searching for small betting choices. This is an option for such players. In this one, I, II and III prize numbers need to match with 4D winning number.

  • 4D Big: There is no doubt that it is a big package. In this one, I, II and III prize numbers need to match with all the 23 winning results. Every single category has its own price.

To participate in the Grand dragon lotto, individual need to visit the designated office of the lottery. Here, the person will get the betting slip. After that, he will add the number which he wants to play. In fact, the player also has an option that the machine can choose the number for him.

Choose the number, pay for it. Get the ticket. It is important to obtain the ticket as it will aid in claiming the prize.

Players can easily check the result live on GD Lotto Apps. The customer service team is there to help the players.

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