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Don’t Make This Killer Poker Mistake!

Posted on : 17-06-2021 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


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There are no doubt more than a few of us who have played poker with the hope of winning some big pots and then simply losing it all when the cards aren’t kind. It seems to be a difficult game to beat as the cards you are dealt can seemingly beat you at any time.

However, with the right attitude, you can vastly improve your chances of winning at poker, which I will outline in the next few paragraphs.

Turning A Wager Into A Winner

Obviously, when you play poker, you hope to win the hand and take home the pot. This is all well and good, but you need to realize that not all hands will be won. No matter what cards you are dealt, you need to have at least a general idea of playing the game before committing any chips to the pot.

Generally, if you have a good hand, you would want to raise the opening bet (the one you would actually want to see the flop with) and – you can hopefully – get a couple of callers. Then, depending on how the cards are going, you either need to draw some more cards (if you believe you have the best hand), or you need to lower the bet on the flop (if you think you have the second-best hand).

The reason for raising the hand in the first place is that the other players don’t know what you are holding, and in many instances, they may draw out on you, and someone could lose a big pot. Therefore, by rarely calling your hand, you will very often avoid big losses.

Poker Mistakes New Players Make #1

Making the mistake of slow playing too often.

Slow playing – or just calling the big blind – is the mistake that loses players the most money. When you call the big blind, you should be raising the hand. The proper time to slow play is if you don’t have a very good hand, but you have the best possibility of making it.

Poker Mistakes New Players Make #2

Playing beyond the flop when you don’t have a good hand.

When you don’t have a good hand and see an opportunity to bet into the flop, please take it. If you don’t hit the flop, you shouldn’t be worried, and you should keep betting.

Poker Mistakes New Players Make #3

Over-valuing a simple pair.

A pair is just a pair. Even with a pocket pair, you should expect to lose 1 every 3 times. The odds of hitting a set on the flop are like 10:1.

So betting on a simple pair when you don’t have a strong hand is a very bad idea. Don’t be tricked into thinking you have a high possibility of getting trips or a full house because you have a pair of threes.

Poker Mistakes New Players Make #4

Getting too loose when drawing.

When you are playing draw poker, the concept is that you have to make your hand, and you make it at the most profitable moment. The opposite applied to a loose player. He plays at too many pots and draws too many pots. Again, the concept of not profitable playing as opposed to the loose player. The loser player will call your bet at too many pots. He will win too many of those pots. He will lose too many of those pots. When he is losing, he is making a bad play. When he is winning, he is making a great play.

Poker Mistakes New Players Make #5

Getting too loose with the big blind and in general.

When you play in a poker tournament, the blinds go up, and you are not allowed to play beyond the flop. Many players will say, well, I am playing well, and I am making money so that I might play! This is the worst thing that can happen. You can go all-in with a high pocket pair or go all-in with a small blind and still win a pot, but you cannot play beyond the flop. The concept here is that you can win one pot, but you can’t win them all. If you are winning one pot, you are making a profit. One mistake people make is they think they have to play every hand to be a winning player. This is the worst thing because you are risking your money; you are risking your ego.

If you watch a poker tournament, you will see some players go all-in or fold to go all-in. This is not what you want to do. Instead of being a profitable player, you can sit and wait for a good hand.

Poker Mistakes New Players Make #6

Over-betting or calling a bet when you don’t have a good hand.

When you are playing in ring games, people will raise the bet beyond what they should. It would help if you weren’t betting beyond the hand. It would help if you had a general idea of playing each hand before you sit down at the table.

Poker Mistakes New Players Make #7

Calling a bet when you don’t have the best hand.
This is the mistake that I see made more than any other, and this is by far my favorite poker strategy mistake to make. The reason I love this is that it is so easy to avoid!

Regardless of what kind of poker game you are playing, you should adjust your bets to your competition level. The reason that you lower you bet that most players will play loosely. This is why you must know how to play each hand correctly. If you do this, you can bet as little as possible and make a profit.

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