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4D Direct Number betting Strategy 1 – Strike 4D often

Posted on : 01-11-2012 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


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4D Direct Number betting Strategy 1 – Striking 4D often

1) I have devised a new top prize prediction formula which is use exclusively to predict top prize. (Unlike the old formula whereby the prediction of number could come anywhere from top prize, starter, consolation). This top prize prediction formula also comes with less number to bet on but yet with higher accuracy. For eg. on 22 august, out of 11 system number given in the website, we had 3 system hits (3/11= 27% hit accuracy) and a direct hit of 1st prize number 9316. Member who bought the direct number 9316 win $2000 on that day for a $1 bet.

2) How to play? That’s one of the most frequent question posed to me. A conservative approach is to buy within your comfortable budget. example. $24 per draw. If you play $24 per draw ($1 bet per direct number for each 24 number in a set= $24), meaning $24 X 12 draw = $288 per month. During this 1 month, you should have strike a $60 consolation/$250 starter to recoup your loss. A $60 consolation win would have covered your cost for about 3 draws whereas a $250 starter win would have covered your cost for about 10 draws.

Even if you did not strike that 1 month, it is ok; we have to have persevere and stay through the course. A $2000 1st prize / $288 = 7 months; what it means is that if you strike $2000 within 7 months, you are in net profit! If you strike $2000 at 7 months, you would have break even; you neither win or loss. Consider that you should have strike a few starter/consolation during the 7 months, this means that your breakeven is even longer than 7 months when you hit the top prize of $2000. However, as my new prediction is geared towards winning Top 3 prizes and not starter prize or consolation prize, the chances of hitting Top 3 prizes multiple times within 7 months is very REAL. Take note that we will still hit starter and consolation prizes as the nature of 4D is random but the prediction is especially geared towards winning top 3 prizes as numbers which has less probability of appearing in top 3 prizes are filtered out. Read more about 4d articles.

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