Common Faq 4D Questions

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Common Faq 4D Questions

1) What are system number and direct number?
Direct number – the number must come out as the exact number in the draw
eg. bet on 7834 and it comes up as 7834

System number – the number does not need to come out as the exact number in the draw.
eg. bet on 3421 and it comes up as 2341

2) What are ABCD, AABC, AABB, AAAB?
eg. ABCD – 3867, AABC – 3346, AABB – 3355, AAAB – 5553

3) What do you bet mostly on ABCD number?
ABCD numbers has the tendency to show up again once per month, whereas AABC numbers only show up again once every 2-3 months.

4) How to know which set of numbers to buy?
One good way is to look up the previous draw records and see which group the strike rate occur. Observe the pattern and trend of the strike rate pattern that has occur previously so that you can conclude which set to buy for this coming draw.

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