7 Tips You Need to Know about Winning 4D Prizes from a 4D Master Perspective

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7 Tips You Need to Know about Winning 4D Prizes from a 4D Master Perspective

Singapore 4D is a commonly known legal or legitimate lottery in Singapore. It is a great fun to try luck in lottery, and eventually if you manage to win a reward the fun becomes greater. However, winning 4D lottery is not all about luck. It is also about luck mixed with good strategy. Now, you must be wondering what could be the strategies for the purpose of predicting 4D lottery. Well, there could be various strategies. In the following section, those strategies and tricks are discussed.

  1. Invest in More Tickets

Buying more tickets will fetch the opportunity in winning more rewards. You can easily purchase the tickets online. Alternatively, you can reach the outlets to buy tickets. Buying tickets is a simple process. You just need to have your unique citizenship number. Apart from that ticket buyer must be an adult. There is no restriction in buying the tickets. You can easily purchase them at any quantity you want. It is quite obvious that purchasing more tickets will enhance your winning probability.

  1. Find Your Lucky Number

You can go for the lucky number trick to buy your tickets. Now, this is quite a simple and convenient trick for buying the tickets. You can easily find your lucky number with your birthday. A mix of your birthday and today’s date will fetch you lucky number. However, there is no science behind, as it is purely depends on the luck. If you are lucky, you can win the rewards with such lucky number.

  1. Know the Hot Pick Number

The hot number is a number which has been considered as mostly lucky for the ticket buyers. The number that carries high all time winning probability is considered as lucky number. Hot number can be found by analyzing the result history. There are different ways to find hot numbers. Masters in 4D find the hot number based on the yearly trends.

  1. Find the Luckiest Number of the Year

If you go by the yearly trend, you can also find a hot number for a year. This number can be considered as lucky number for winning rewards with Singapore 4D. However, the number has to be chosen carefully. You need to analyze the result history with perfection. There could be more than one lucky number.

  1. Find the Lucky Outlet

Believe it or not, there are some lucky outlets, having high percentage of wining history. Buying tickets from these outlets is highly demeaning and thus you may have to stand in queue to buy tickets.

  1. Target Consolation Prizes

Beginner should try consolation prizes and newcomer prizes. These rewards are not as high as original lucky draw rewards, but they are also quite fascinating.

  1. Get Tips from Experienced Punters

Those, who have won prizes with Singapore 4D, can deliver the best tips to win 4d prizes. You can get in touch with such people through social media or other platforms.

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