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www.singaporepools.com.sg Result on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday

Posted on : 09-10-2018 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


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Singapore Pools 4D Result Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday

www.singaporepools.com.sg Result on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday
Singapore Pools is a popular lottery in Singapore and it is a great option for those who love earning money through gambling. It is to be noted that gambling is a matter of great fun. However, there are chances of losing money as well. You can lose money, but at the same time you can earn money as well. If you can crack the first or second prize, you shall become rich overnight. The best thing is that Singapore Pools is completely legal. You do not have any legal limitations in getting the winning reward.

The prize structure of Singapore Pools is also quite interesting. There are three major prizes and these three draws are picked up randomly. After first, second and third prizes, you have two other prizes. One of those other prizes is starter. As the name implies, this reward goes to the lucky ones who are playing the lottery for the first time. Apart from the starter prize, there is consolation prize which is quite interesting as well. Consolation prizes are gives to random individuals and getting a reward is always a matter of happiness. Now, punters have to know more about buying tickets and finding the results for the Singapore Pools.

Buying Tickets for Singapore Pools

As we all know, the conventional method is to reach an outlet and purchase tickets from there. You can find plenty of registered outlets where tickets are available until these outlets are open. Different outlets have different opening and closing time. If you do not want to visit an outlet and choose to go for more convenient option, then you should go for online ticket buying. Buying 4d tickets online is simple and highly convenient. You need to go to the official website of Singapore Pools. Here, you can find portal for buying tickets.

For the registration process, you need to fill up online form. It is to be noted that Singapore Pools is only allowed for those who are citizens of Singapore. If you do not have citizenship number, you cannot get registered to purchase the tickets. So, getting registered is important and it should be done with perfection. Once you have done this task, you need to move on to the next step and that is buying the Singapore Pools tickets.

Finding the Results
On three days of the month, Singapore Pools results are disclosed. These days are Wednesday, Sunday and Saturday. You can check the results by visiting the nearest outlets. If not, you can go for checking the results at the website of the Singapore Pools. At the website, results can be viewed anytime, as they have been declared on the scheduled days. Finally, you can also check the results of the past. In fact, people love checking results of the past, as they get better view of the result declaring pattern. However, the draws have been picked up randomly. So, guessing the pattern of result is almost impossible.

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