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4 Main Strategies to Play 4D

Posted on : 11-07-2012 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


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Here are 4 main strategies to play 4D

1) Buying a mix of ibet / 24 permutation with direct number
Buy system/ibet together with direct number set; if you miss all direct number and manage to hit the system number, you could get back $250 (eg starter prize) [if you buy 24 permutations] or some money back if you bought ibet.

2) Slow and Steady Strategy
Buy a few group eg (2 to 3) numbers within the set or across the different sets A, B, C.

Quick Tip – You can buy the a few number from the left-most side as number are arranged from left-most (higher probability) to right most (lower probability) order.

Pro – Low investment and higher returns when strike. Can scale investment easily up to eg $2 or $5 bet per number due to the small amount of numbers to bet on.
Cons – chance of striking is lower, more dependent on luck, chances of hitting top 3 is lower

3) Fast and Furious Strategy
Buy 1 to 2 set of number per draw. Consolation and Starter Prize to cover investment.
Hit Top 3 to gain net profit.

Pro – chance of striking is higher, less dependent on luck, chances of hitting top 3 is higher
Cons – higher investment, harder to scale investment per number due to bigger amount of number to buy from.

Overall Net profit but with risk: If you did not hit the top 3 prizes, you maybe incurring a loss.
To play this, you need to play a few months to see results.

4) Stake all your bet on one number.
If you are “lucky” enough, you will get a big windfall.
Generally not recommended unless you are very “lucky”.
Best to spread your bet over a few number to increase your strike rate.

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