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3 Ideas To Help Improve Your Online Poker Game

Posted on : 11-07-2021 | By : 4D Master | In : Singapore Malaysia 4D Articles


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Is there a lot to improve your poker game? Hell Yeah, there is, and the most commonly overlooked aspect is Poker Strategy. Although it is tough to formulate a good poker strategy, there are some fundamental foundations you can begin to build your strategy. Here I’ll list some of the basics so you can improve your game.

You need to know who you are playing against before you start playing. You can’t assume your good friends are going to be easy on you or be too understanding. You’ll need to know the different types of players, the good and the bad, the tricky and the obvious. If you can’t find it on Wikipedia and you prefer looking things up yourself, you could get your feet wet by doing a quick search on Google.

Don’t play when you’re upset or in the mood to play. This is especially true for poker. Practice is essential when you are trying to improve your poker strategy. You need to get a lot of experience to make the transition from a recreational player to a professional. Most online poker rooms allow player notes on your tables; you can add notes on other players, increase your poker strategy and increase your skill level tenfold.

You can view your statistics and your ROI (return on investment) from a clear perspective. You will know how you are doing if you can calculate your win rate versus your SB (small blind) and BB (big blind) investment.

You are playing at the bluffing tables when you don’t really have anything going on, and you should be playing when you have something going.

Play more than one table when you play poker, and always make sure your schedule is free for at least 4 hours or more so you can play about 4 sessions on 4 different sites or games. Play after work on your own schedule. Make sure you get away early enough to do so and not stress about getting back home on time.

You should play a lot of sit and go tournaments on your schedule. You need to plan your day around the time you want to work on playing poker. This may be at work on your breaks before you start work or even ½ way through the workday because getting to and from work is different now that the internet is so easily accessible.

Final thoughts…

I think you can increase your win rate with some of the suggestions I have offered in this article and increase your confidence in your plays with efficient practice and learning. You should adjust your mindset to suited play for the different types of cards you play.

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