4D Database Results Download Singapore Pools and Magnum

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Does the 4D Database Result Download Exists for Singapore Pools and Magnum

Singapore 4D is a popular form of lottery, which is legalized and available only for the citizens in Singapore. Like 4D lottery, Singapore Pools and Magnum payout have also become quite popular these days. Now, playing these lotteries is a matter of fun. Some people try them with serious urge to get rid and some people try them out just for fun. The main benefit is that all these lotteries offer high returns when it comes to talking about rewards. However, the reward is not always high for everyone. In lucky draw, only three persons have been chosen as the first, second and third. Nevertheless, some other lucky users have been chosen randomly for consolation prize which is quite luring as well.

Finding the Lucky Number
When it comes to Singapore 4D, people have to find 4 digits based lucky number, and this is why the form of lottery is known as 4D. In choosing 4 digits based number, people apply different methods. They usually pair up birthday with the lucky number. They go for other methods of choosing the lucky number. The process is always seamless and enjoyable. But, it has to be remembered that finding the lucky number is not an easy thing to do. Many punters would suggest you to check result history to understand number prediction patterns. Nevertheless, you can check the luckiest numbers that have won the rewards.

People track down the outlets that have the history of selling the luckiest tickets. So, there are different methods which punters follow to predict the lucky Singapore 4D number. Does these similar tricks applicable to Singapore Pools and Magnum? Will you be successful by following the similar methods? Well, this is a difficult question to answer, but it has to be stated that Singapore 4D results can easily be attained from the internet. You can download the history result online.

Similar to the Singapore 4D, punters can also find result history of Singapore Magnum online. Go to the authenticated websites of these lotteries respectively to find the data related betting or lottery. You shall get result related data, based on your chosen month and year. Checking the result carefully is imperative. You need to observe two things with precision. The first thing is the numbers that have the highest winning percentages. Secondly, you need to check the number pattern. Different persons would view them in different patterns and predicting the right pattern is almost impossible. But, instead of choosing random numbers, punters have attained better results, when a number is chosen by checking the pattern.

Getting Result History Online
Singapore Pools and Magnum result history is available on the store or outlets. However, you would not get full result history there. To find result history more conveniently, you should opt for the online result history checking. It is quite a convenient method of checking the history of the winning numbers with Singapore Pools and Magnum,

How to Download and Use the Singapore 4D Official App?

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How to Download and Use the Singapore 4D Official App?
The popularity of Singapore 4D lottery is unmatched and quite laudable. It is a legalized form of lottery in Singapore, and the revenue collected by the state from this lottery goes into infrastructure development for the country. Moreover, this form of lottery is very popular among different kinds of people. You just need to be an adult to purchase the tickets and along with that some additional criteria are also there. The major condition is that you have to be a citizen of Singapore. People, living outside, cannot participate in this form of lottery.

What Is Singapore 4D?
Singapore 4D is a popular form of lottery, which has become popular among the citizens of Singapore. It is a legal lottery and the main reason behind its legality is to stop illegal lotteries. The revenue that has been collected by Singapore 4D goes into nation building purposes. From infrastructure management to dealing with disasters, the money has been used for different public welfare purpose. The lottery is particularly popular among many people for two reasons. It assures high return. Secondly, it is not expensive to buy the tickets. Anyone can try his or her luck with Singapore 4D.

Observing its massive popularity, Singapore government has approved many outlets where interested candidates can buy tickets. The process of buying ticket is simple. You just have to reach the outlets, and there you need to tell your lucky 4D number preference to complete buying tickets. To buy tickets and to add more convenience for the ticket buyers, online ticket purchase has also been introduced. On top of that, now you shall get excellent convenience in via your Smartphone through the Singapore 4D app.

Using the Singapore 4D App
The application is available for the both Android and iOS users. Both the users will find convenience in using the application. The simplest way of finding the application is to go to the application store. Here, you shall find a search box. You need to enter the name of the application in that search box. Once application name is found, you need to tap the download button. The download will be started, provided you have steady internet connection. After download, it will be installed automatically. Overall, it will take only a few seconds to be completed. Once done, you are ready to use the application. Tap on the app to launch it and then undergo the registration process.

When you are using application, registration is one time affair. For the purpose of registration, you need valid email ID and valid documents as your identity proof, as issued by the state. Additionally, your citizenship number will be required. When account is entered, you can go to ticket buying section and buy the tickets for Singapore 4D as many as you want. Remember that virtual copy of ticket will be given to you.

Win Singapore Sweep by Decoding the History Result

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Win Singapore Sweep by Decoding the History Result
Along with Toto and 4D, Singapore Sweep has also become quite a popular form of lottery among the common people in Singapore. It is also a legalized form of lottery and anyone who is an adult can participate in this lottery. It features chance for winning exciting prizes. The reward is quite luring, and that is why it is worth trying luck with Singapore Sweep. Now, choosing the digits for this lottery is a matter that you have to take into serious consideration. Checking the result history is the commonest way of finding the lucky number. So, how to find the winning number for Singapore Sweep? We shall know the answer in detail below.

History of Singapore Sweep
Before checking result history of Singapore Sweep, it is important to take a look at the history of this type of lottery. This is basically described as raffle style lottery, which has the record of distributing around 3.5 million tickets on every month. So, popularity of this lottery is beyond any questions as well as doubts. The cost of a single entry is three dollars. Result has been announced on every Wednesday of the month. If you want to win, you can choose to buy multiple tickets, as buying more tickets enhances winning probability.
There are some additional things that one should know. Started in 1969, this lottery was initiated for a noble purpose. In order to rebuild the national stadium of Singapore, the lottery was initiated and the fund was used for the renovation of that particular stadium. Nowadays, the fund goes into various infrastructure development purposes. It is a state approved for of gambling or lottery, and thus there is no legal hassle involved with it. Today, one can win as big as 2.3 million dollars through this lottery. So, there is every possibility of becoming super rich by investing into tickets of Singapore Sweep.

How to Play Singapore Sweep?
Singapore Sweep is best described as raffle rather than being standard lottery. Thus, it is easier to play as well as understand. You need to go to the nearest outlet to buy your ticket. Tickets are not expensive at all, as they cost only around 3 dollars. You need to choose the lucky number for the bet. That can be chosen in various ways. Instead of choosing random number, you can check result history.

The sweep result should be analyzed to identify the most successful number in last 2-3 months. There could be some overall lucky numbers. Along with the numbers, choosing the right outlet also has been taken into consideration by many ticket buyers. Some outlets are extremely lucky. Buying tickets from there could be difficult, as many people would try to buy their tickets from there. Nevertheless, you can buy your tickets with all lucky combinations by sitting at home in front of the computer.

Singapore Illegal 4D and Payout Consequences?

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Singapore Illegal 4D and Payout Consequences?

Singapore illegal 4D betting and payout can have drastic negative consequences. It destroys the good name and reputation of the company. Prohibited practices and payoffs also tarnishes the image of this industry. At the same time, it creates distrust among the public. That is why Singapore Pools 4D promotes the slogan, “Do not bet on the wrong side.” Meanwhile, the government has been aggressive in its crackdown against illegal bets placed online.

In the same manner, management strives to promote and sustain a responsible playing environment throughout the country. It implements the attributes of discipline as well as honesty among retail facilities. All payouts must be legal. Otherwise, authorities will go after the culprits and syndicates. The Singaporean Government authorized online betting in 2014 only for Singapore Pools. It also approved operations of Singapore Turf Club sometime in 2016. Any remote betting services/payouts remain illegal for bookies and customers.

Efforts to Curb Illegal Activities
Singapore Pools enforces game rules strictly such as no bets by U-18. Gaming rules prohibit any individual below 18 years old to bet or claim winning ticket prizes from any of its outlets. Employees check and demand proof of age. They ask teens and children to leave the area right away.

The company does not permit anybody to bet on credit. Retail outlets accept cash or NETS deposits at accredited branches of Singapore Pools. Players can also use e-NETS or debits from nominated personal savings bank accounts. A fee of SG$ 0.80 will apply for every deposit.

Singapore Pools also discourages the smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages within the premises of its branches. Responsible gaming means playing responsibly. It promotes this approach with messages and helpline printed at the back of tickets and betting slips, information materials, and advisory from relevant government agencies.

Management accepts account applications for customers only if they are 21 years old an above. Each applicant must conform to rules and regulations aside from the proof of age. Users can access their accounts though passwords (one-time) transmitted to their mobile phones. This practice reduces the likelihood of unlawful access by friends and next of kin including minors. Likewise, self-discipline mechanisms are practiced like funding and expenses limits.

On the part of Singapore Pools, the company conducts continuing training programs on a regular basis for all staff particularly frontline personnel and retailers. The company teaches them customer service strategies as well as techniques in dealing with illegitimate actions. Thy learn about values and responsible gambling.

Reminder for the Public
The bottom line for players is to avoid illegal 4D and payouts through bookies by playing only with legitimate providers like Singapore Pools. Otherwise, you may be committing something against the law.

A look into Singapore 4d 2017 2018 results history

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A look into Singapore 4d 2017 2018 results history
You can enhance your chances of winning by taking a glimpse in the result history of Singapore 4D 2017 and 2018. Analyzing the history of the game will let you get familiar with the winning draws. 4D draws take place very often. It is not a very easy task to find a winning number but we all wish to win in the Singapore 4D. So, the most important thing is how to predict the winning number. You will be amused to know that to some extent, one can assume the winning number. Thus, adopting the winning strategies can take you one step closer to making a close guess to winning number. A strategic decision will help you in winning the game. You can get the winning streak by analyzing the past trends. But the problem is from where you will get the 4D past result 2017 and 2018.

Checking Singapore Pools Website

It is very easy to get access to the history of Singapore 4D results. The official website has everything available. In addition, there are many other online resources who have shown their interest in Singapore 4D results. So, the interested persons just need to google these online resources to maximize their chances of winning the draw. Once the user gets the data of the results history, he can use it in analyzing the trend of the game. Analyzing will help the user in predicting the winning number.

No need to worry about analyzing the results as nowadays, online 4D number analysis system is present which is quick in action. It observes the things in a fast manner and will provide the result in no time. On the basis of the availability of the custom data range, one can use the multiple analysis options. You just have to get the list which includes the winning number of the current month, present year, consecutive month for every year. A summary of past history of Singapore 4D results will surely assist you in forecasting the accurate winning number.

Various places for getting result history

There are lots of other ways to get the result history of the Singapore 4D. Trying these ways will surely help you in getting success in the game.

Lottery center

When you go to the lottery center for buying a ticket, then obviously you ask the center to show you the past result. All the digitalized result will be presented to you in the printed format. However, it is not necessary that the user will get the full history of results.

Journals and magazines

There are few journals and magazines that published the results on the daily basis. Choosing such things and collecting their previous publications will help you in getting the result history of Singapore 4D. You can opt either for the weekly or monthly subscription to keep an eye on the result of Singapore 4D.

Checking online

It is the best method for obtaining the 4D result history. There are many websites other than the official one that is providing the authentic data related to the history of 4D results.

Checking history always increased the chance for your winning.

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How to claim and calculate prize for Singapore sweep

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How to claim and calculate prize for Singapore sweep

If you are thinking of claiming the prize money for Singapore sweep, then surely without any doubt, you have to win the game. It is a clear fact that only that person can claim for the prize who is the owner of the winning ticket. The person that is entitled to claiming the prize money is payable only on the winning ticket. So, make sure that you do not claim it when you are not the holder of the winning ticket as your request of claiming will not be entertained at any cost.

But the holder of the winning ticket has to claim its money within a period of specific time. It must be claimed in the time duration of 180 days. The counting will start from the date when the draw is held. In fact, these 180 days include the public holidays along with the weekends.

When should the winning prize be claimed?
In the case of lottery bets, the winner can make it claim from the next following day when the draw occurs. It can be claimed during the operational hours of the day. On the contrary, in the case of a sports bet, the winner can make its claim immediately as soon as the results get verified.

Places where you can make the claim prize
The holder of the winning ticket can visit any of the branches of Singapore Pool for the purpose of cash collection. But this is applicable only for that prize amount which is limited to $5,000. But if your prize money is exceeding the amount of $5,000, then the winner has to visit the main branch of Singapore Pool for collecting his cheque. They can claim their prize at any day of the week excluding weekends from 8 AM-4:30 PM. On public holidays, one can not come for cheque collection. However, to keep yourself away from the hectic of waiting in long queues, try to avoid Monday and Thursday for cheque collection as, on these two days, it is expected that the place will have a large volume of claimants.

Unclaimed Prizes
If the prize money is not claimed till 180 days, then it will be given to donations as well as grants which are under the management of the Tote Board.

The players should take care of their ticket as the winning ticket must not be defaced, mutilated and should not be torned.

How to calculate the Prize?
You are feeling amazing when you get to know that you have won the winning ticket. This news can be a great one too if you know the amount of prize. Here we are presenting some simple steps to calculate the prize.

Firstly, winning ticket holder go to the official website and click on the link of lottery calculator prize. Now, he has to select the option which is available in the Draw. It will be followed by the Bet Type in which the individual will select any one of the options among Ordinary, System Bet, i Bet and 4D. It will be followed by choosing the number and Bet amount. He will enter the big and small in the section of the amount. Finally, he will click on the option to calculate. He will get the prize money on the screen which is won by him.

What to do when you won the Singapore 4d lottery?

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What to do when you won the Singapore 4d lottery?

It will be a great news when you won the Singapore 4d lottery. The day will be your luckiest one to win a prize money. When you get the information about the declaration of results and the result is in your favor, then look at your winning ticket.

Checking the condition of the ticket
Is it torned? Torned 4d winning ticket can cause you a problem as the foremost condition for you which is required to qualify you for the payment is that winning ticket must be in the good condition. It should not be mutilated, torn and defaced in any circumstances. Therefore, the customer must keep the ticket in a proper way so that its condition remains good.

Here, some precautions must be taken care of for the tickets:
● Do not expose the ticket to sunlight directly
● Keeping it in a dry and clean place will be good for you.
● No iron should be used on the ticket
● Do not write anything on the ticket

Calculating the prize money
On winning the prize money, go online and do some lottery 4d calculations so that you have an idea how much money you won in the Singapore 4D. The official website for this lottery has the facility of calculating the prize money by just entering some important information related to the ticket. Putting all the information correctly will let you get familiar with the prize money.

Claiming the money
When you win the prize money, you are at the top of the world. Obviously, you want to claim that prize money. To claim your prize money, you have only 180 days and the countdown starts from the day one when the conclusion of events and draw has taken place. These 180 days will not exclude any public holidays and weekends. But there are some limitations too while you are claiming your prize money. First, if the category is lottery bets, then, unfortunately, you have to wait for a day. The money can be claimed on the next following day, not on the same day when results are out. If your category is sports bets, then you can claim your money right at the moment when results are out. Secondly, from which place you will get your prize money depends on the amount of prize money. If it is not exceeding $5000, then the winning ticket holder can go for collecting the cash from any one of the branches of the Singapore Pools. But if the amount is exceeding $5000, then the winning ticket holder cannot make the claim at any of the branches of Singapore Pools. The winning ticket holder has to visit the main branch only in order to claim its prize money. The winner can collect his cheque from the main branch at the singapore pools operational hours of the working day. He can claim his money from Monday to Saturday.

As per the rule, the prize payment will be presented to that person who will show the valid winning ticket.

Singapore Pools Most Frequent Drawn 4D and Toto Number

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When was the last time you bought Singapore Pool 4D and Toto Number tickets?

In 4D, players choose 4-digit numbers from 0000 up to 9999 for the draw. The lucky bettor who picks the right combination qualifies for the prize in accordance with the lottery rules.

In the Toto draw, players must select a pattern of six numbers between 1 and 49. Matching six numbers with any of the three or more winning numerals under Singapore Pool rules qualify for the price in line with Toto lotto policies.


How do you select 4-digit combinations?

Check the numbers picked during the past year or last 100 draws. However, you cannot conclude based on number of times picked during a specific duration. Try to determine the trends by pinpointing minimum as well as maximum ceilings before counting the number of times selected. These thresholds refer to the regular highest and lowest occurrence of times drawn for one period.

Find out the thresholds (minimum and maximum). Identify the number of times chosen up to the latest draw. Then, select the four-digit numbers that you can play with. Any of the balls selected below the minimum or above the maximum caps will most likely be picked during the next lottery game. Try to apply this technique to different 4D statistics. It helps you play smartly with more chances of winning the lotto.

Singapore Toto

Toto refers to the 6/49 previously 6/45 lotto. Singapore Pools increased the number pattern to arrange for higher prizes. Bettors can select six numbers between 1 and 49 to play the Toto Lottery. The cost for each board is SG$1 with minimum wager of the same amount.

Singapore Pools holds draws two times each week every Mondays and Thursdays. The company picks six winning numbers with one bonus number that increases the probability of earning a prize. However, the likelihood of getting the jackpot is one out of almost 14 million.

The minimum Singapore Pools Toto bonanza is guaranteed at $1 million. The roll-over stands at 38 percent of the prize pot. Players can match three numbers to win a prize of SG$10 with prospects of winning at one out of 54 tries.

You can check the most frequently dawn four-digit patterns

What are the Odds?

For Singapore Toto, six numbers plus one extra number are selected at random from 1 up to 49. You can spend SG$1 and become an immediate millionaire. The prize kitty is valued at 54 percent of the sales with draws two times per week. You can make use of online analysis tools to come up with possible winning permutations.

For four-digit draws, Take this set as an example:

Number 0091 drawn 9 time(s)

Number 0232 drawn 7 time(s)

Number 0939 drawn 16 time(s)

Number 1630 drawn 10 time(s)

Number 1695 drawn 9 time(s)

You may find the combination difficult to figure out. Perhaps, all it would take is a bit of luck and the right analysis.

Secret 4D Formula for High Probability 4D Strike

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What’s the secret 4-Digit 4d formula in Singapore Pools lottery? Bettors can win the high-probability 4D strike by choosing the lucky numbers. Is there a special technique to guess the four digits? Experienced punters know the winning probability is higher not by predicting 4d numbers. It’s not all about good fortune after all. The key is to figure out solutions that help lotto players determine the auspicious numerals.

Recent surveys disclosed majority of players have ways to pick lottery numbers. To have more chances of winning 4D, they go for birthdays or memorable dates in their lives. Others opt for fast and random picks since the four digits are generated without human intervention. Some speculators depend on previous winners believing these have better chances of getting drawn again.

How to Strike Gold

For a successful 4D strike, avoid numbers selected by many bettors. Many online platforms suggest numerous combinations. However, thousands of Singaporeans also see and choose these selections. Thus, it’s better to stay away from these patterns. Also, avoid the 4-D sequences drawn last week. Review the 4D history carefully. Avoid the most recent combination. Refer to them only for analyzing numbers.

Go for the higher numbers. Otherwise, you share winnings with other bettors if the 4D draw consists of lower numerals. Experts advise new players to pick numbers 33 or 34 and higher. If possible, buy your tickets near the draw dates to avoid losing your lotto tickets. It’s almost impossible to foresee the exact winning 4D combination. But you can try cracking the elusive numbers from a winning set or cluster.

Law of Attraction

If the group has 80 percent or more probability, divide this set into A, B, C, and D. Buying all the sets is too expensive. Hence, prioritize series A and B before moving to C and D. However, the 4D draw is random, so you can never disregard the “Luck Factor.” For Singapore 4-Digit, try the high-probability numbers with better chances of winning. Putting together these numerals with the Law of Attraction gives you more odds of striking.

The Law of Attraction means focusing on positive or negative thoughts to bring desired experiences in people’s lives. Given this logic, anyone can technically win the lottery by using this principle. You may not have won the lottery yet. The reason if you simply are not convinced you cannot win the game. Perhaps, you want to bag the jackpot badly or associating negative thoughts with winning. Then, you’ll find it difficult to solve the right combination.

Several Pointers

Consider these tips:

  • The probability of direct 4-D combinations is 23 out of 10,000 or one out of 434.
  • Players get a 50 percent strike rate if they purchase numbers during the last two years.
  • The ABCD number comprises 24 patterns. The median shows 288 out of 24 or 12 draws per month. On the other hand, AABC is made up of 12 different variations or 288 out of 12 for 24 draws in two months.

Be optimistic. A win is always a win regardless of how small of big it is. It is essential to get the numbers and keep this streak going.

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Does free prediction forecast really win prizes in Singapore 4d?

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Does free prediction forecast really win prizes in Singapore 4d?

Do you wish to win the prize in Singapore 4D? Then, you can increase the chances of winning this most popular lottery by just figuring out the number which can be the winning number. The chances of getting the idea about the winning number can be increased by exploring some free prediction forecast to win the prize money in Singapore 4D. Isn’t this amazing to make the forecast and guesses. During this whole process of guessing, one should make sure that he remains consistent with that formula which he has employed. On searching, you will get familiar with the prediction system which can help you in saving thousands of dollars in your betting. So, it will be a better option to adopt free prediction of winning number instead of draining all your money.

Singapore 4D prediction number
People like to guess the number and they adopt various strategies to make their guesses. Some try their own patterns and mathematical combinations for predicting the number. Other take help from gambling aficionados. However, apart from these unreliable methods, there are more techniques which will get you close to choosing the right number.

Considering Past 4d history number
Calculating the number by taking past of 4D into account. It is the most common techniques adopted by most of the people for prediction. It is the simple technique as you have to write down all the numbers and observe which number has been chosen for more than once as the winning number.

Singapore 4D prediction software
There is some software which can be downloaded for free and these apps will help you a lot in winning the lottery money in an easy manner. However, some people always rely on the predict permutations which are usually based on the lucky personal numbers such as the birthday of your baby, wedding date and so on. But, if we think practically, the winning number can be any number. Therefore, depending on the analytics as well as apps will be more reliable and dependable.

There is some online 4d software like 4D master available which are continuously improving as well as fine-tuning with the system so that the people attached with this can get the greater success with the assistance from 4D prediction system. Previously, 4D gurus Number was introduced into the prediction system. So, when the prediction is given, it is rechecked with the prediction number of other 4D Gurus. The number which matches have the higher probability to result as the winning number in the draw.

Taking help from the prediction formula can result for first prize, the second one, and third prize. In fact, you can be the winner of the special as well as the consolation prize. Each website which is indulged in the prediction forecast have different strategies to forecast the number and they have their own idea of winning the 4D draws. A win is always a win. It should not matter for you whether the win is small or big. So, don’t depend on the coincidences of the life, get aid from free prediction forecast in order to win the 4D draw.

Facts on Singapore 4D Lucky Numbers, Hot Numbers and Red Numbers

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Facts on Singapore 4D Lucky Numbers, Hot Numbers and Red Numbers

Singapore 4D is a popular lottery which has been played and enjoyed by many people in Singapore. It is a popular form of lottery where reward is always assured as satisfactory. This is state-owned lottery system and thus completely legitimate. The revenue of this lottery goes into infrastructure building, disaster management and other national purposes. So, not the big question is how to win money with Singapore 4D? To win money, you need to know three things. The first thing is lucky number. The other two things are red numbers and hot numbers.

The Lucky Number Calculation

Different punters have different methods for betting. Since it is gambling, there is no fixed or proven pattern for winning. However, punters like to follow patterns, as sometimes follow a few methods prove to be lucky. Luck is the biggest factor here, and if luck favors you can get rich overnight. If luck does not favor, there is every chance of losing money. You may lose a lot of your wealth, if you fail to find your Singapore 4D lucky number perfectly.

To find lucky number, there are some calculations. For choosing the lucky number, you need two things. The first thing is your date of birth. The second thing is the date on which you are buying tickets. A combination of date of birth and date of draw will help fetching you the best results. For example, your date of birth is: “XX/YY/ZZZZ”. It is to be noted that XX stands for the date of your birth. YY is the month of your birth and ZZZZ is the year of your birth. Now, to find the lucky number, you need to add up all these digits.

So, your “Lucky Number” is = X+X+Y+Y+Z+Z+Z+Z. Now, you shall get two-digit number. Now, add up the drawing date similar to your birth date. You shall get another two-digit number. These 4 digits make your Singapore 4D lucky number.

Finding the Red Number

If the lucky number does not prove to be effective for you, you can go for some other methods of gambling. Playing around with the number is the most interesting thing. You need to check the past records. Everything is available on the internet. Now, you shall notice that a few numbers are luckier than others. These numbers, which have frequently brought great rewards for the punters, can be considered as red numbers. If you did not get the slice of luck with your previous bets, you can of course try the red number.

Finding the Hot Numbers

The concept of red number and hot number is almost similar. Hot number is frequently drawn number. If you want to check hot numbers, you can check past records. Instead of that, you can also search on the internet for availability of hot numbers. You would easily find around 100 hot numbers easily listed in various websites. However, authenticity of these numbers is a question. For that, you need to do some research. It is always good to have faith on trusted websites.

How To Do Online Betting With Singapore Pools

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How To Do Online Betting With Singapore Pools

You must have heard about Singapore Pools, the state-owned authorized lottery company that has launched online betting services in Singapore. Now, you can not only enjoy your favorite sports like Formula 1 racing and football sitting in the comfort of your couch but can also place online bets for the same. You can also do online betting for Toto and 4D in just a few clicks. Well, that’s a good news for the punters, isn’t it? If you have an account on Singapore Pools, you can easily and quickly place online bets for lottery and sports, and can also track your online transactions. Here is how you can do online betting with Singapore Polls:

Online Sports Bets With Singapore Pools
You can place pre-match bets before the commencement of an event in the open hours until the sales close. You can also place live bets for an ongoing sports event. You can bet for a minimum amount of $1. For this, you need to visit Singapore Pools website, select an upcoming event from the available event types. Once an event is selected, you can line up your bets to fill your bet type using the Odds button. You need to enter a stake amount. Before you do that, remember to check the potential payout for your stake amount. You can bet Singles with an individual selection. You can bet for Multiples by making multiple selections and entering your stake amount. Before you click the Place Bet button, remember to cross-check all the details in your online betting slip. You can learn more about the event by clicking the information icon on the screen. Confirm your bet by clicking the Confirm button. You can click the Decline to review your bets once more before confirming. You can track your bet status in the Transaction History.

Online 4D Bets With Singapore Pools
Online 4D bets are conducted on Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday every week. You can place Self Pick online 4D bets for 4D Roll, System Entry, Ordinary, and iBet. The minimum betting amount can be $1. To place the bets, you need to visit Singapore Pools website and navigate to the 4D page. Select a Bet type. Select a draw day. Here, you can either select a single draw on one of the days, two non-consecutive draws on any two days, or three consecutive draws on all three days. If you selected 4D Roll as Bet type, you can only bet for a single draw. Enter your bet numbers as well as your small and big stake amount. You are required to enter 4 digits for System Entry, iBet, and Ordinary. You can enter 3 digits with an R for the 4D Roll. Add more boards repeating the steps for the same bet type. You can add 10 boards at max. Once you have placed your selections, click the Add to Bet Slip button. Check your bet slip for accuracy before confirming your bet by clicking the Place Bet button. Confirm your bet by selecting Accept.

Online TOTO Bets With Singapore Pools
You can also place Self Pick online TOTO bets for System Roll, System Entry, and Ordinary on every Monday or Thursday. For TOTO, you can also place Quick Pick bets with a bet type and betting amount. For placing online TOTO bets, visit the Singapore Pools website and navigate to the TOTO page. Select a bet type enter your bet numbers and repeat the steps for more selection boards. Once done, click the Add To Bet Slip button. Place and confirm your bet.

Do you want to learn some tricks and tips for online betting Singapore Pools?

How Singapore 4D works?

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General information about Toto 4D Singapore
It is a lottery whose country of origin is Singapore. It was founded in May, 1986. The list of countries where it is possible to play Singapore 4D includes Singapore, Malaysia lottery. It is a very popular lottery that has always been known as Singapore 4D. The game format has not changed since the launch of Toto 4D Singapore. The lottery is managed by Singapore Pools. With regard to customer service, Singapore Pools provides the following contact details:
– the telephone number To contact the operator,
– players can use the online contact form.
The operator’s headquarters is located in Singapore. Keep in mind that you must be 18 years of age or older to play.

Check the 4D Singapore results
4D Singapore results are released immediately after the draw held at Singapore Pools’ headquarters in Singapore. For the moment, the draws are held three times a week. To be more precise, they take place on Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, at 18:30. 4D Singapore numbers are drawn using the mechanical lottery machine. It is interesting to know that the first lottery draw took place on May 31, 1986.

How it works: Determining 4D numbers in Singapore
The format currently applied is as follows: 4 / 0000-9999. As can be seen, players must choose 4 Singapore 4D numbers in the range of 0000-9999 Singapore 4D numbers. Please note that in 4D Singapore there are no additional numbers or bonus numbers.

4D Singapore chances to win and prize categories
Currently, the 4D offers 5 categories of prizes. The first prize amount is fixed, which means that Toto 4D Singapore will not earn you a record jackpot. Fortunately, the fact that Singapore 4D’s first prize is quite modest is offset by high chances of winning. According to official estimates, the odds of winning the grand prize are 1:10,000. To win it you have to guess correctly all 4 4D Singapore numbers. A detailed description of the prize distribution system can be found on Singapore 4D’s official website.

4D Toto Singapore Prices
The minimum price of the game is S$1 . Singapore 4D does not offer players any opportunity to multiply the win. The lottery does not provide for any additional games.

4D Singapore’s most and least released 4D numbers
The most drawn numbers in the lottery are 4, 3, 7, 6; the least drawn numbers are 2, 5, 8, 9.

Payment of 4D prices Singapore
Keep in mind that the Singapore 4D can only be paid as a lump sum. To receive it, the winner must personally visit the operator’s headquarters in Singapore. Amounts up to S$5,000 are payable by lottery retailers. One good thing is that 4D Singapore’s earnings are not taxable. Please note that all prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the draw date. Otherwise, the winning ticket will expire regardless of the 4D Singapore results.

How To Fill Up Singapore 4d Betting Slip

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How To Fill Up Singapore 4d Betting Slip

Are you new to Singapore Pools 4D online betting? Here are some things you should know before you fill your first 4D betting slip.

4D Game Rules
Well, it’s simple. All you need to do is pick any four digits to create a number between 0000 and 9999. You can place a bet for a minimum amount of $1 or more. Normally the draws are selected every Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday. For each draw, you will have 23 sets of winning numbers. Your prize money will depend on the prize category of your number and your selected options in your ticket. You can place a Big or a Small bet. You win a prize for a Big bet if your selected 4D number appears in the prize category. You can win a prize for a Small bet if your selected 4D number appears in the listed top three prize categories. Moreover, your prize money is multiplied for a Small bet if your number matches top three numbers.

You should remember that the sequence of your selected numbers is extremely important to win a prize for a matching winning number. You will win if you match the numbers exactly in the same sequence. You can place 4D bets for the following bet types:

System Entry
You are required to select four digits in a specific sequence. The bet cost gets multiplied by the possible number of combinations for the selection you make. This implies you can buy more combinations without selecting an iBet option.

4D Roll
You can place a 4D Roll bet for a minimum amount of $10. In this case, you are required to select three digits and one rolling digit. The rolling digit represents any number between 0 and 9. For a win, your number must match in a specific order with the matching winning number.

Most people consistently prefer to pick a meaningful number like a birthdate, car plate number, or anniversary. However, if you do not have a specific number in mind, you can select the Quick Pick option to play with a random system generated number.

Filling The 4D Ticket
You can place your Quick Pick or Self Pick bets for available bet types such as System Entry, 4D Roll, and Ordinary by filling your online bet ticket. You should make your selection with heavy vertical lines. Your ticket will have selection boxes to select a specific bet type. Once you have marked a bet type, you should mark your draw days. 4D bets are placed on Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday. Your ticket will have appropriate selection boxes for these days. You will find SG Sweep Boxes on the ticket where you can mark your selected numbers. You can mark 6 draws for six consecutive days. For 4D Roll, you can only mark a current draw. Select your digits as well as your big and small bet amount. For Ordinary, select four digits and the bet cost. For 4D Roll, select three digits and an R. In this case, the bet amount is multiplied by 10. For System Entry, select four digits. In this case, the bet amount is multiplied by the number of combinations. For iBet, select four digits and mark the bet amount. You can place a Singapore Sweep bet that ends with same four last digits for 4D Ordinary bets by marking SG Sweep on your ticket. You can cancel a board by marking Void.

Singapore toto prize structure and payout

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Singapore toto prize structure and payout

Toto games is that game and legalized lottery in which the player who is participating has to place a wager on the set of numbers. The wager is against the winning number adopted or drawn by the company as per the general rules of TOTO Game. The person who wishes to participate in the TOTO game has to buy a set of six numbers from the numbers of 1 to 49. The set of six numbers are selected for the relevant drawn.

The account holder has to open an account for placing the bets through the help of Account Betting System.

Payout of prizes along with the Winning numbers
For the distribution of prizes, there is a prize pool which is won for each and every draw. This amount approximately equals the total net amount of the total stake collection. In this whole collection of the amount, Goods and Services Tax are deducted.

On the basis of a number of winning from the number matched, allocation to 7 groups are made which is as follows:

GroupWinning Numbers MatchedPrize Amount
1.3 numbers$10 for every winning combination
 2.3 numbers along with the additional number$25 for every winning combination
3.4 numbers$50 for every winning combination
4.4 numbers along with the additional number3% of the total prize pool
5.5 numbers5.5% of the total prize pool
6.5 numbers along with the additional number8% of the total prize money
7.6 numbers38% of the total prize money


For each draw, there is a criterion for the Jackpot Prize as the minimum guaranteed pool amount should be $1,000,000. However, for the prizes of Group 2 and 3 along with the Group 4, there is no minimum guaranteed amount.

The winning combination is that one when the combination of numbers will match with the number of winning numbers as per the Rule 7.2 of Toto game. Each of the winning combinations will qualify as the winning share either in the prizes of Group 2, 3 or 4 or prizes in the group of 5, 6 or 7. Furthermore, the Jackpot prize will also be taken into consideration.

If the participant has made any of the Ordinary entry in the winning combination, he will be qualified for a single winning share in any of these threes: Jackpot Prize, Group 2, 3 or 4 prizes and prize in the Group of 5, 6 or 7.

If the participant has made any of the System Entry, there winning combination can be more than once.

Unfortunately, to an unwon Jackpot prize, cascading process is applied. If there are four consecutive draws and still at the end, no one has been able to win the Jackpot Prize, then whatever is the amount of 4th draw of Jackpot Prize pool along with the all the snowballed amounts of all the preceding draws will be paid in a certain manner.

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