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Big Chance. Now What?

Posted on : 25-11-2020 | By : 4D Master | In : General


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Win 4D, Toto Easily.


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Free Premium 4D Prediction numbers for 7 days

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Posted on : 20-11-2020 | By : 4D Master | In : General


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How to Start Winning 4D and ToTo?


4 easy steps to start winning 4d, toto.


4d toto prediction crystal ball Step 1:
Singapore 4D, ToTo

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Access 4D ToTo Result Predictions Step 2:
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top 3 prize wins Step 3
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Win Prize Money Step 4
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prediction prize winning

From the desk of 4D Master

Posted on : 17-11-2020 | By : 4D Master | In : General


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Dear 4D, ToTo enthusiast4d profile photo

I know what you have been through.

You have been searching on the internet, hungry to find a proven way to strike it rich from 4d or toto.

That’s how you landed on this website.

After playing the 4d game for more than a few decades, we have come to realize one thing. That 4d and toto is best win using predictions. Not any predictions, but predictions that works.

That is why I come out with this website.  With accurate 4D prediction, you now have the opportunity to pay off your loans or even to go on a dream holiday. A $10 bet on a direct number that came up starter prize could have easily fetch you $250 X $10 = $2500; $500 more than the 1st prize of $2000. Click here to join us for a free 7 day trial today!

Here’s what a $10 bet can do wonder for your finances.
1st prize = $2000 X $10 = $20000 (This could be a year annual income for some people)
2nd prize = $1000 X $10 = $10000
3rd prize = $490 X $10 = $4900
Starter prize = $250 X $10 = $2500
Consolation prize = $60 X $10 = $600

Honestly, by betting on your own, the chances of striking a direct / system number are very low. I know that because I been down the road. I ever bought 100 ibet number in a single draw and not even a single strike!

When was the last time you strike a system / direct number? Not to mention hitting the top 3 prizes? However, the good news is that by joining us, you gain access to my proven system and direct number predictions that has the potential to hit a mixture of consolation, starter and top 3 prizes.

You just have to pick the right number to make your dream come true.
Join me in winning 4D today!

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Interested to start winning 4d or toto; with the potential to win the 1st 4d prize up to $2000?

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Let’s huat together in the coming draw!
4D Master

Real Website With Real Results!

Posted on : 01-11-2020 | By : 4D Master | In : General


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Starmometer Wander Globe
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Real Winning Tickets Proof

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Frequently Asked Questions at 4DinSingapore

Posted on : 01-08-2020 | By : 4D Master | In : General


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1) Is this 4d toto prediction site for real?
Our prediction site has been in existence since 2012 with the continued support of our members. If we are a fake site, we would not have operate till now.

2) What prediction services do you provide?
We currently provide prediction for Singapore Pool 4D and Toto as well as Malaysia Magnum 4D.

3) I strike a prize using your predictions, do i have to share my winning with you?
You can keep 100% of your winning. However you can express your gratitude by sending a portion of your winning to my paypal account [email protected] by using the payment link.

4) Common payment issues

a) Do not have paypal account?
– Follow the payment process and paypal will ask you to create a new paypal account at the same time when you are keying in your credit / debit card information.

b) No credit card?
– If you have a debit card with master or visa logo, you can proceed to register with paypal.

c) No cards?
– Link your bank account to your paypal. Read tutorial on how to link bank account to paypal.

d) I am unable to pay via paypal, is there any other mode of payment?
– Contact me at [email protected] for alternative payment mode. Please state which country you are residing now.

5) Do 4DinSingapore provides online betting services?
No we don’t. We only provide prediction services

6) Do you provide any money back guarantee?
We provide 30 days money back guarantee. Send us a email within 30 days upon joining.

7) I have some questions but they are not answered here.
Please contact me here for further enquiries.

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Free Ebook “14 Secrets to Win Singapore & Malaysia 4D Revealed!” upon sign up!
7 day free prediction trial
No credit card required.

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