How To Fill Up Singapore 4d Betting Slip

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How To Fill Up Singapore 4d Betting Slip

Are you new to Singapore Pools 4D online betting? Here are some things you should know before you fill your first 4D betting slip.

4D Game Rules
Well, it’s simple. All you need to do is pick any four digits to create a number between 0000 and 9999. You can place a bet for a minimum amount of $1 or more. Normally the draws are selected every Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday. For each draw, you will have 23 sets of winning numbers. Your prize money will depend on the prize category of your number and your selected options in your ticket. You can place a Big or a Small bet. You win a prize for a Big bet if your selected 4D number appears in the prize category. You can win a prize for a Small bet if your selected 4D number appears in the listed top three prize categories. Moreover, your prize money is multiplied for a Small bet if your number matches top three numbers.

You should remember that the sequence of your selected numbers is extremely important to win a prize for a matching winning number. You will win if you match the numbers exactly in the same sequence. You can place 4D bets for the following bet types:

System Entry
You are required to select four digits in a specific sequence. The bet cost gets multiplied by the possible number of combinations for the selection you make. This implies you can buy more combinations without selecting an iBet option.

4D Roll
You can place a 4D Roll bet for a minimum amount of $10. In this case, you are required to select three digits and one rolling digit. The rolling digit represents any number between 0 and 9. For a win, your number must match in a specific order with the matching winning number.

Most people consistently prefer to pick a meaningful number like a birthdate, car plate number, or anniversary. However, if you do not have a specific number in mind, you can select the Quick Pick option to play with a random system generated number.

Filling The 4D Ticket
You can place your Quick Pick or Self Pick bets for available bet types such as System Entry, 4D Roll, and Ordinary by filling your online bet ticket. You should make your selection with heavy vertical lines. Your ticket will have selection boxes to select a specific bet type. Once you have marked a bet type, you should mark your draw days. 4D bets are placed on Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday. Your ticket will have appropriate selection boxes for these days. You will find SG Sweep Boxes on the ticket where you can mark your selected numbers. You can mark 6 draws for six consecutive days. For 4D Roll, you can only mark a current draw. Select your digits as well as your big and small bet amount. For Ordinary, select four digits and the bet cost. For 4D Roll, select three digits and an R. In this case, the bet amount is multiplied by 10. For System Entry, select four digits. In this case, the bet amount is multiplied by the number of combinations. For iBet, select four digits and mark the bet amount. You can place a Singapore Sweep bet that ends with same four last digits for 4D Ordinary bets by marking SG Sweep on your ticket. You can cancel a board by marking Void.

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