Important! 4D Prediction service will stop on 5 May and resume 26th May

Posted on : 04-05-2013 | By : 4D Master | In : 4DInSingapore News


Dear 4D Member,

Sorry for the last minute notice. I am currently on Oversea Reservist for 3 weeks and
had wanted to continue to provide 4D service to the Membership.
Unfortantely, I have problem connecting to the mobile network in the country
here and would be outfield for several day without internet access.

As such in view of the circumstance, i have decided to stop my 4D prediction service from 5 May onward and  resume service on 26th May when I am back in Singapore.

I apologize for this short notice on this and the inconvenience caused.

Those member who have paid for the month of May will be refunded for the month of May when I am back from Reservist. Please understand that I will not be able to respond to any email and any refund during this period of time while i am away for reservist.

Thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter.

4D Master

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