1st 10 People to send $X get my direct number prediction, personal coaching and email for next 12 draw!

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*** Promotion has ended ***

1st 10 Person to send $X get my direct number prediction, personal coaching and email for next 12 draw!

For the 1st time, I am opening up my direct number prediction to the public. However, as this is a pilot project, I am only opening this to the first 10 people who send me sgd $X first to my account.

What do I get in the membership?
You will get
1) the direct numbers that I personally bet on every draw.
2) personal coaching and strategy on how to play these direct number.
3) personal email reply from me if you have any questions in regards to my system.

What kind of prizes will I hit?
You will hit a mixture of consolation, starter and top prizes.

Do you have any winning ticket proof?

YOu can read the testimonial from one member who use my system.

More winning ticket proof

There are also few more winning tickets in my computer. I just couldn’t find the time to edit and post them for now.

There are other 4d membership out there which offer much more at a cheaper price. Why should I join yours?
Some sites offer
– analysis tools and tutorials
– many dozen sets of potential numbers

I don’t do all these because I know that you don’t have the time to do all these analysis and the budget to buy so many numbers.

What I provide you are just 1 full set of potential number per draw which have the real potential to hit prizes in singapore pools. Clean, simple and straight to the point.
After all, what you are most concerned with is getting a win in singapore 4d.

If you can win in Singapore 4d, why do you need to even run this membership?
Yes, I place my bet on my own direct prediction and win money as well.
Frankly, I don’t even need to run this membership at all because I have confidence in my system as I have hit a number of prizes before (Consolation, Starter, Top Prizes) with a overall net profit.

If I can help people to win money in 4D and at the same time make some extra money out of it, why not? You win the lottery and I get to make some extra cash as well.
Isn’t it a win-win situation for both you and me?

Why should I believe in you?
You don’t have to believe in me. Take $X and try out how my system works for you and you can see the result for yourself.

$X is a small price given that you have the potential chance to hit the top prize of $2000 with my system. Also, by hitting 1 consolation with a payout of $X, you would easily have cover your membership cost.

Will there be any refund?
No, there will not be any refund, as this is a pilot project and limited to first 10 people.

I decided that I want to join the membership? What’s next?
Send in a payment of sgd $X to
– my paypal account netgurus2004@yahoo.com OR
–  to my bank account POSB Saving Account: 119-62421-5

Next send a email to 4dmasterx@gmail.com that you have paid with the payment transcation details, and I will send you a confirmation email once I verified that the money is in. Hurry, this is limited to the 1st 10 people.

Let’s huat together in the coming draw!
4D Master

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